Disguised two pieces have true layer

We are often difficult to choose the true and false things, looking forward to the truth of the facts, and could not help but say some good lies, good and bad are difficult to define. Perhaps only in the wholesale clothes will be so tolerant to true and false, and can find the mystery.

01 Disguised two pieces of clothing have nice layer. Saving the trouble with the matching, saving the unknown ugly style you will have, disguised two pieces have the sense of feeling never be inferior in front of the mirror in exchange for other clothing over and over again. Elegant style of beige sweater and mature flower printing in nice material and color are the best embodiment of the sense of hierarchy.

02 Layering is superimposed, and disguised two pieces of clothing not just put the superposition of the skirt, and sometimes in the collar will be some delicate designs. So, we are naturally able to enjoy the v-neck collar and lapel of the magic combination, coupled with the material contrast, this layer of feeling is particularly obvious.

03 If you prefer college style, then such a dress is definitely the favorite one in the wardrobe. Do not say gray is inconspicuous, do not think it is too old-fashioned, when you are wearing it to encounter the youth, everything is better than you think. Pleated and neat style can deepen the formation of a sense of hierarchy.

04 Disguised two pieces depend on splicing design, material splicing can make the sense of hierarchy without pressure, and the color of the splicing is based on seizing the vision of the initiative. Printing is bright and dazzling, and pure black is still low-key, the two splicing virtually raise the chic feeling of yours.

05 The highlight of the waist is one of the ways in which the dress shows charm. But through this highlight to create two sets of charm is indeed unexpected. True and false is difficult to distinguish, the purpose is to let us have more choices, disguised two-piece clothing has a variety of clothes to express our way to make different choices.


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