Delicate wholesale clothes from China

Spring denim also dyed a number of flowers, beautiful roses, vivid cross stitch, as well as the melodious organ fold more natural A-shaped version, small collar and butterfly tie, low key buckle, every detail For denim skirt to add more refined charm.

01 Frayed burr trumpet cuff three-dimensional chic, gentle and delicate to ladylike infiltration comfortable casual cowboy style, beaded neckline exquisite from the inside out, play jewelry finishing effect. Washed jeans unique gradient color washed monotonous, such as clouds floating in the heart, easy and wonderful.

02 The weather is changing, while the clouds are in a good mood to be glowing and hot enough to leave the sun for a while. But this did not affect the beauty of the girls mind, in addition to cotton and linen wardrobe there are lace wholesale Korean fashion, chiffon and organza yarn.

03 Do not hollow crochet, geometry can be separated by their own natural lines to create a strong sense of three-dimensional printing. Sleeveless dress passing by, will no longer be more than it exists sense of it? Small hat is a wonderful good partner, elegant lady to the holiday as the visual sense, very beautiful.

04 Print will be hidden look, the most indispensable in dress is such a secret to be explored and have always been known to almost domineering, has been to grab the lens as if nothing around the print, jacquard dress But there is almost can be described as shy feminine it.

05 Black dress from the waist with a bunch of X-shaped, tailoring and design is the most primitive prototype. No one is required to maintain the elegant black dresses dignified expensive attributes, small hem of the hem pinch out a little bit lively, cute can be.


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