Creative design clever dot

The clever use of the basic style of the blank, so that the limited elements to the infinite extension to play a greater effect, or make full use of the magic of color to form a fantastic visual impression. Some just right eye design can enhance the charm and dress grade. Want to point in plain life unusual scenery, let unique design exclusive quality to achieve this feeling.

01 Hollow and flowers of real and imaginary, forming a distinctive bright vision of the beautiful belt, between the upper and lower body form a semi-open space, waist hollow half cover, this semi-spicy and semi-sweet scale and sexy aesthetic half fusion degree is fantastic. When the flowers meet a little black wholesale Korean fashion, the unique charm will keep my heart.

02 Swaying tassels is a dynamic extension of the skirt, color collision, colorful patterns express rich ethnic customs, back a little black mystery mystery sexy and subtle romantic continuation, different personality aristocratic debut. In the simple injection of vitality color, every inch are vivid and stunning.

03 Is the evening sky clouds steaming fantasy wonderland, is the spirit of graffiti art infiltration, is the dynamic and diverse sports, petal kiss, is a carnival of color, is a passionate sway, a dazzling summer fashion proposition.

04 Minimalist H-type basic section skirts do not have to say more practical, delicate and thin knit fabric to wear different kind, especially for more and more cool summer and autumn as a good ride within the simple and elegant style look wild, Inclusive physique plasticity, selection of black and white gray piercing the exclusive big fan.

05 Pure white, immortal beauty by it, water lace, splendid silk splicing cascade, the princess mind is not yet, the former word collar, deep V lace style after wearing two, high waist contour, details show the unremitting pursuit of the pretty. A very taste of a dress, daily wear fine exquisite, as a dress no less, the holiday wear extremely romantic.


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