Collar high enough can have elegant taste

From the people’s attention for so long, high collar with the autumn wind finally began to pop up, cannot help but feel the fashion industry really can be described as turns, before the inconspicuous things do not mean that there will be no one day, then come back, fine high quality Korean fashion wholesale, collar a little higher, really pretty.

01 Can be wearing a high-necked sweater how to improve the style? Collar and clothing body to hit the color, contrast and then highlight the level of the two cuffs and high collar echoes, all designed to be so orderly, no matter from which point of view cannot pick the flaws.

02 High collar and short sleeve combination This seems to be uncoordinated, in fact, but to meet the early autumn weather characteristics, that cold is not cold, that heat is not very hot, the body is a thin knitted fabric, soft and comfortable, good show stature, exposed arm just can be breathable, so that the cover was tightly, with black dress, strong fashion.

03 If not a high collar of the existence, even if the addition of pure lace flowers and lovely wave point elements, this dress cannot be so complete interpretation of elegant and dignified style, light cooked with sweet, sweet yet noble, Look at it will be unforgettable.

04 Early autumn with early autumn dress, exquisite unique lace high collar, looming sleeves and skirts, all exudes a rich feminine, thick as if you can smell a burst of flowers, refreshing, skirt length determines it as Shirt to wear, two kinds of usage to see how you choose.

05 After a lot of red wine rendering, high-necked sweater full of flavor, but also revealed a touch of retro atmosphere, the body of the hollow effect at first glance is not obvious, more and more novel, so solid color sweater to get rid of the monotonous image, rest assured boldly wear it out.


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