Both bright and fresh in clothing

High temperatures, have to go out in front of the wardrobe hesitated for a long time, would like to wear a little bright color, but even more excited mood hot, then wear a refreshing cool it, and not willing to too simple simply, always difficult to decide. In order to save our precious time, find people shine while refreshing cool clothing, summer travel much happier.

01 Do not want to make mistakes, black and white with the most classic insurance option, and strive to make the overall shape of the cool and clean, white is the main color, body black is embellishment is also a very good color, black and white hit the color is to meet the tall point of view, not the rules of the swallowtail skirt reached the swaying effect.

02 Look, suits save so much more trouble, to avoid the time spent in the selection of wholesale clothes from China, in order to wear eye-catching and not fancy, may wish to lower body short skirts or shorts on the point of mind, the following beautiful gorgeous, above simple and natural, with a very coordinated, what impetuous pompous, all can not see.

03 The temperature gradually increased, the denim skirt color do not choose dark blue, try to white and pale, compared with the puff skirt, a step skirt style highlights the stylish fashion style, vest style is different from the general strap dress, no The tender suspense, but the role of age reduction can not be overlooked.

04 In the hot summer travel, loose and elegant chiffon shirt is essential, white lace flowers inlaid on the bright yellow, greatly enhance the fresh and sweet taste, a small cloak cheap Korean clothes online used to the summer above, dignified and dignified Reiki charming perfect blend.

05 Pure color plus perspective pattern is beautiful and unconventional magic, enjoy the graceful little woman with flowers show side, with a lovely pink, set off the face more delicate, so that enough seductive, without considering other minutiae.



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