Being especial just need a little bit decoration in clothes

Maverick is a lonely gesture, people inevitably want to seek identity, but do not want to obliterate the crowd. Contrary to the contradiction. However, why must be non-white or black so absolute in Korean clothes wholesale? In the acceptance of the public add a little bit of special, they can easily stand out!

01 To the language of the blank is always with the exploration of the magic, complicated pattern between the little bit of skin crystal, looming temptation is always more clear than the exposed to some. Thin and soft self-cultivation T-shirt, only a little bit of hollow pattern, they particularly up.

02 Furry of the fairy and embroidered gaudy can also coexist? Oh, of course! Imitation lamb hairy sweater, fall sleeve sleeves weaken the shoulder line, soft and soft hair touching some messy arrows and letters, the sleeves of the blank so that the whole will not seem messy, but naughty cute.

03 Winter is a season for love, people than the flowers of the girls, face good smile warm, winter and how? She smiled and went into the spring. Nine long sleeves in the long section, simple and smooth lines, powder with orange color is special enough, the focus is both lining color and tender.

04 Only in the winter, will be a little indulgence for a while to eat their own contentment; only in the winter, will quietly exercise the body into the occasional to leave their own leave; only in the winter, will not be so tight, but very self-cultivation sweater and jacket fine-tuning dress habits.

05 Girls always have the courage to try, with gold to defend the beauty, with the cold wind to create a sense of high quality, with sports shoes to replace the thin high-heel and so on. Their winter than any other season, as if hidden in the dry wood in the star of the flame, waiting for the red outbreak of the moment.



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