Beautiful balance: printing needs to be accompanied by pure color

The season is infinite good, but very short, in the winter and summer gap, accidentally slip away. Spring sky, half sunny, half rainy day, sun awakened life, spring rain moisten the earth, like half of pure color, half of the printing wholesale fashion dress, the achievements of 1 + 1> 2, having their unique styles.

01 The lower half skirt is the oil painting full version of the printing of the laying of the light to see the color can feel full of vitality, the upper half of all the modified black knitted wrapped body curve, distinctive style people like a glance.

02 Complex abstract art prints to the upper half of the shirt to become a visual focus of the shirt, one of the popular wearing a dress to end the waist, leaving the ribbon falling in the skirt highlights the height, pure color A-shape skirt to make a stylish feeling.

03 Retro totem national customs printing to half skirt is very detailed aspect, fine lines wrapped around the skirt outline attractive curves highlight light taste, and simple sweater is the best autumn dress.

04 Romantic organ pleats printing deductive retro love, smiling face hidden in a variety of abstract lines and three-dimensional fold between the mystery as to attract the visual. There are a lot of ways to show sexy shoulder, large v-neck collar exposed way beautiful aesthetic highlights elegant feeling, chic design sense of a black shirt can make the whole body grade upgrade.

05 Vibrant scene can also appear on the dress on the clues, pastoral floral quietly blooming on the skirt, with the handsome jacket so that the variety style free to control.


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