Autumn wear these, make you pocketed back

Girls like to wear beautiful Korean clothes wholesale, not only to meet their own beauty, but also hope that through their own beauty can bring a good mood for others; in the girl’s world, to judge a dress whether it has such an effect, the only criterion is to keep returning. Want to get a high rate of return is not difficult, we follow me today to see together, which clothes to wear the most pocketed the rate.

01 Autumn does not like too fancy colors, so the control of dark coat is more in line with the autumn personality choices calm. Baseball uniforms cool handsome, can wear a girl’s unique temperament. Thin stripes lengthen the body proportions, so the elegance of nature is the best interpretation of the clothes.

02 Pampered summer skirts, skirts have shone, in order not to lose more to the summer, autumn also sent a dress to suppress. Long skirt to the ankle, full of elegant gas field, to wear out their own personality is bound to make people shines. Belt position just right, deliberately elongated leg curve is not a means of attracting it?

03 To know that some of the clothes themselves are designed for the sweet girl, in the hearts of such girls, wearing ladies and lovely dress principle is that they are. Short paragraph sweater is an essential autumn, white and bright the most likely to cause goodwill, random feather embroidery scattered in the chest, so that a sweater has become full of fun.

04 In the world of fashion you can not see, the jumpsuit is also enchanting. Siamese pants by fashion people, their own existence is the biggest bright spot. Using the strength of the whole body to prop up the posture of conjoined pants is not easy, but it also shows that conjoined pants are worth the constant challenge of the girls.

05 Literary and artistic style is much more and more popular, but really no one can explain the end what kind of literary and artistic Fan children, perhaps the girls just like this indescribable hazy beauty! Simple, simple basic can be called the characteristics of literary children, but to understand, or to feel the full range of literary children clothes, because that is the best answer.


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