Autumn coat, various in pattern

Classic and easy to watch the wholesale Korean fashion, telling true, and then nothing more than khaki trench coat is more suitable for this cool season, which is simply a symbol of autumn, although the annual popularity of the poor is not bad style, but never been overlooked, no matter how to wear it can be so chic with western style.

01 The denim jacket has been advancing with the times, think about it can be understood, in order to meet the woman’s growing beauty of the heart, every day with a careless will be subject to despise the pressure, no hard work where to go now.

02 Gentle skin-friendly knitted jacket: no one who will make life difficult with the knitted jacket, especially women, almost all into a few, not only with any inside to take, buckle up can also be taken as a separate, the key is very light, go out free bag on the line, completely without space.

03 Wild uninhibited leather jacket, a little maverick some of the women will generally have a soft spot for the leather, stiff and without losing the chic style, used to concave type of what is simply not so good, and, super obvious color, then listless style is not afraid of the state.

04 Suit jacket does not have to repeat it, almost all the same, quite satisfactory. However, even if the law-abiding, but also law-abiding new ideas, pink powder tender tender suits, and all the black and white gray is very different, worth having.

05 Life is the most important to be happy, dress the most important look. How simple the truth, all can be easy to understand. What exactly is it? At least not the same as before it, see people change the way to change their image, we have nothing to do.



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