Addition of clothing – the beauty of the level

Perhaps you will forget the elegant beauty, but Organza yarn fashion rules are not so easily forgotten, light color printing, and white highlights the importance of level, more beautiful skirts flying in early autumn.

01 Simple match, but also need a little bright spot. Well autumn, do not be so deep like. This red is not too warm, but enough for the autumn filled with bright colors. Random painting on the drawing board, collision with the solid color clever collocation, that is, through the wonderful combination.

02 With a skirt, you need a solid color shirt. Lace is the best, after all, late summer and early autumn people often silly can not tell. A little fringe of playful, a little delicate lace, anyway, is the best with a solid color. Pure black or white are the most suitable choice.

03 Cotton linen shirt, perhaps reluctant summer scenery, so sketch, want to retain the shades of color linger. The most wonderful is a little arc hem, with a skirt must be very appropriate, those literary and ladylike feelings are perfect performance.

04 Selected high-grade silk fabrics, smooth and soft, shiny, comfortable and more beautiful fashion at the same time; the waist of the 3D digital printing, the waist was thin and excellent effect, instantly has a charming waistline; Irregular double-layer skirt pendulum, modified leg lines, showing the graceful and elegant woman.

05 Classic two-piece cheap Korean clothes online, not only to cover the extra fat, slim was thin, and can adjust the body proportions, elongated lower body lines, outline the sexy figure of woman’s curves; knotted knot, light and elegant, highlighting the elegant woman taste; double skirt, walking in between, more aesthetic romance.

06 Not only refers to the level of a multi-level clothes, but also can be multi-piece clothing formed at multiple levels. This section of water-soluble lace jacket, a single point of view there is no sense of hierarchy, but with other wholesale women clothes to wear with, through the lace and lace inside the formation of the sense of hierarchy, so that the whole garment even more upscale, showing the wearer’s aesthetic height and dress taste.


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