A little decoration in clothes will be better

Like a woman needs to dress up to highlight the personality of dress, wholesale clothes naturally also need some unique crowning touch, with a different shape of the finishing touch can naturally highlight or dignified and elegant, or lively and playful different personality. Pure and dignified is not bad, but a little decoration will be better.

01 If only a simple white suit, this dress will not be less playful personality. Lovely flavor full of meow pedestrians occupy the collar, cuffs on the embroidery flowers are added to the overall taste of the sun up, that is sweet lady style, but also full of lively and playful feelings.

02 Wine red and beige tacit cooperation, both set off and can highlight their own characteristics. Exquisite embroidery around the collar brings out the exquisite face of oriental women, elegant little collar more subtle elegance. Slim cut with long skirt design, together to create the oriental woman’s soft and delicate.

03 If there is no hand-painted plum on the skirt, this piece of the buckle will not be less fine some more rough? Because of the existence of plum blossom clothes more than some of the book aroma, contaminated with some plum blossom. This hand-painted plum is the finishing touch of the whole dress.

04 Simple and capable lines, fashion wild lapel, coupled with the atmosphere of self-confidence embroidery patch, is not the original low-key white more publicity atmosphere. Break the tenderness ladies style, give clothes a little bit of boy attributes, you understand it.

05 Although the sweater warm, but some always around the shortcomings, such as the style is always very rigid, like a very mother loaded. But this sweater did not give you a pleasant surprise. Brisk embroidery dragonfly flying in the clothes, with you fly to the happy future.



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