A good mood

Spring is also cold, cold spring hit, you need a coat. What better than the windbreaker to highlight your handsome it, that clear outline of your tough neutral side, you are no longer a delicate appearance. Pure white is even more capable, crystal clear nails under the round neck reveals delicate feelings, filled with full of elegance.

01 For windbreaker, concise elegance is not difficult to do, do not need to make too many curves in the design, if you want insurance, you can come to a classic. Mainly to khaki color, coupled with lapel and double breasted, tailoring and waist design, upper body superb, is the wild holy goods.

02 No matter how many new clothes spring and summer, when you choose new clothes, wholesale fashion dress is always the focus of the object. A good skirt is not only good quality workmanship, style should be stylish enough to be able to show your body, wear a style to. This section joined the small bird printing, bringing vitality and vitality, the interpretation of the lively elegance Fan, simple do not have some flavor.

03 In a spring that does not solve the problem, bottoming is a must. You can use a skirt to make a base. When you do not want to wear a skirt, the choice is also very wide. With lace and mesh splicing mosaic inlaid colorful diamond, modeling a sense of strong, it looks very Western style.

04 How to feel like wearing a sweater? Must be very comfortable and relaxed. Soft material fit the body, the whole person looks very energetic, full of sport, trousers thin legs, but also make your body appears perfect proportion, even the short are not afraid of the coordination of the body can ignore the ratio Height gap.

05 Although almost at the beginning of each have to mention what flowers and plants, but this is really small series of my voice ah! Whether it is cloud steamed Xia peach cherry or waterfall-like spring flowers are beautiful! Especially see two days, however, Magnolia trees on the roadside has been full of trees, really makes people feel good too!


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