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Lovely and sweet feeling in the dressing

Summer is always colorful, romantic dreams, princess style elegant skirt is the girl’s heart addiction, once awakened and nowhere to hide, leaving a beautiful mark in the limited youth time, a little exquisite, a little smart, a little brilliant, some Or strong or light feelings, constitute aftertaste of youth.

01 Perspective white gauze set the snow shoulder, lotus leaf warm gentle deportment, light white gauze, embroidered plaid highlights the details of the grade, as if every inch are engraved perfect, the overall outline of the simple atmosphere, pure white holy solemn, princess-like noble Magnificent flawless bloom.

02 Pink graceful silhouetted against the one that shy feminine, pink blue, pink, pink yellow line winding, translucent flowers surrounded the branches and leaves with a soft stretch of the gesture, refined three-dimensional showing the beauty of nature, emitting a fresh and charming atmosphere, butterfly belt , Gauze bud skirt, the girl’s heart properly placed.

03 Sleeveless long skirts to one side quietly comfortable world, showing non-skirts can not explain the elegance, exquisite decoration has led to tall physique, elegant skirt overflow overflowing, so that the lines of legs hidden in hazy phantom, white wholesale clothes are elegant, lace and chiffon seamless integration, to create belong to the light and romantic season.

04 Up and down are graceful combination of layers and have different, light and gentle knit sweater, small and exquisite sweet lantern sleeves, netting change, endless charm, T-shirt and yarn at the same time showing the simple and easy mix and match the beauty, the overall quiet Tranquil, every detail of elaborate cleverly painted oil-like years of light and shadow.

05 Dressed in European root yarn lace skirt is graceful, in the early summer breeze and sunshine, write a glittering fairy tale, knot a love affair, frankly do yourself in real life, hard to love a serious life, as a fairy tale and fairy tales The princess in the difference between a crown.

Refreshing fresh summer solstice

Without cheap clothes from China naturally not summer, simple T-shirt with denim shorts is really casual and generous, which is the most relaxed and not wrong summer dress up, the chest with the letter plus the printing of both decorative flavor and not Loss of classical, get rid of monotonous.

01 Shirt is also one of the protagonists in summer, elegant and fresh print shirt makes people breezy, temporarily forget the hot, novel V-neck micro-sexy, work or shopping are suitable, the clothes placed in the pants very capable and intellectual, direct Outside becomes free.

02 Light pole to know more beautiful flowers, the ultimate elegance and can not fully display the charm of black and white ash. So have this blooming halo of the classical mood, lotus leaf soft and romantic printed in the foil more and more sincere low-key, the summer dress always let people remember at a glance.

03 No chest is also about a woman’s pain, after all, it is the beginning of the curve, but everything is often the pros and cons, and I always think bra is too proud of the girl is not suitable for interpretation of art Fan children. Lean, direct, more in line with literary Fan children’s appetite, lavender never lost to any color.

04 Cotton and linen dress naturally no requirement for the United States, however, the cheongsam on the curve of the requirements can not be underestimated. So if you really can not develop in this way of literature and art, it is better to wait and see the changes, enjoy the wonderful gesture under the cheongsam bar. Improved cheongsam, lace layer upon layer of really tight, like a water hibiscus demure polite.

05 Without the blue, fresh summer will not be enough heat. Anyone who understands color a little bit knows that blue is the best reward for us in summer. Lace outline out of the stupid posture just like depths of several ripples, inadvertently ups and downs, blooming a bit romantic and elegant.

Cheap Korean clothes online

Playful and lovely pictures, see the short-sleeved shirt light color, the same is true in the past, just when youth is almost astringent, large tracts of youth are white, only those romantic imprints, the world is small but also full of colorful.

01 Sometimes simple is the most beautiful wonderful, but exciting need another point of view, round neck short sleeve Elasticity is as simple as ever ignorant and playful, there is no need to decorate a lot of brilliant enough to go through years of test, elegant accumulation , simple romance once again upwind, regain vitality and vitality.

02 Even if the black and white hair, wrinkled climbing, my mother is the most beautiful picture of our hearts, when we are hot, I sincerely hope my mother can cool the summer, then send the cool is to send warmth, send cotton than to send air conditioning , mom’s smile is happy to be comfortable.

03 Accustomed to a simple suite of T-shirts to wear jeans, go out and suddenly see the fashionable street sexy girl, my heart will start a number of waves, each woman there is no lack of performance of their sexy side of the small mind, blind dew undesirable, according to their own features cleverly choose wholesale fashion dress, quickly break away from the conservative image.

04 Love sports wind girls if you want a show style is not difficult, hazy perspective gauze and publicity personality white letter with the perfect, cleverly sexy into the movement, the cool black reveals a bold indulgent feeling of independence.

05 Deep V is undoubtedly the highlight of the line of business weapon, the unique collar lines can also show the charming clavicle, with exquisite beading and new lace, adding a lot of dignified and elegant, the overall appearance is outstanding moving, this sexy With a thick elegant.

Summer mad “enjoy” song

Stripe is a rational element, it is clear and clear, the most important thing is that it can Slim was thin, fit the cut outlined the neat lines, with a stylish suit even more temperament. Wear this way to go shopping, take a casual wholesale high heel shoes, oxygen beauty is you.

01 Thin and obviously high but also wearing comfortable and convenient, the first choice is the high waist long skirt. Whether you are thick thigh or calf, whether you are outside the character or within the character, anyway, have a long skirt everything is not a problem. Waist line to enhance the natural formation of the long legs of the imagination, coupled with the light and elegant colors, chiffon dress you how many points like it?

02 Length can be appropriate to make some changes, these do not matter, as long as adhere to high waist abdomen was significantly higher is not a problem. Wear a long skirt, of course, wear high heels, but if you really do not like canvas shoes, after all, there is a neighbors sister’s fresh beauty is also worth collecting.

03 You can also use the combination of simple and easy way to divert attention passers-by, if you are above fat under the fat pear-shaped body, you can highlight the advantages of the upper body with a solid color, lower body with a printed dress will naturally eliminate the problem. Mulberry silk will not let the loss of center of gravity blue dress, texture is very important.

04 Can also be printed in turn, in the upper body to maximize the ability to highlight the color and printing, can suddenly be noted that it is a skill, people no longer diverted attention after sight is a skill. So, the girls quickly practice what their own ability out of it.

05 Can not rule out some girls which are not fat, went to the other extreme, too thin, I recommended for your waist A sleeveless skirt. Pleated A word skirt is very playful, sleeveless round neck simple and generous, people will ignore the curve of beauty, after all, very refreshing color is very eye-catching, since it can not show the temptation of graceful, let your petite exquisite become a secret weapon it.

Sleeve length does not affect the sense of cool

Do not know since when, vivid characters began to become the new darling of the printing industry. Slim short-sleeved shirt and harem pants combination just listen to know how high-end avant-garde, in no way inferior to the street shooting model’s first line, self-confidence and fashion feel spontaneously, a woman should be so fishes.

01 After this June, another glance at the sighting of a woman who is about to enter the community has stepped into the path from youthful to mature. Naked reality, the first thing to do is to set up a formal dress. Do not think this is unimportant, but this is the first impression left to the first job, absolutely plus points.

02 As for later, in what direction to develop, depends entirely on personal wishes. Of course, more women will choose sexy style, after all, the years are irresistible factors. If you are 20 years old at the age of 30, it would be too violating and feeling so it should be counterproductive if it should not be childish.

03 Days are long and short, depending on the mood, as long as the mood is not a problem, let alone the length of the sleeves. Sleeveless short-sleeved, in fact, the difference is not so big, will not hinder your sense of cool. Summer cool from clothing wholesale, but also depends on our mood.

04 Summer madness “enjoy” song, which you most want to enjoy it? I like the relaxed and comfortable bat sleeve, I do not know how you looked. Europe and the United States print slightly rough with casual, less graceful and more casual personality, it seems more suitable for the fast-paced city, the summer should be so bold.

05 Although it is a one-fifth sleeve, how much impact will it have? Chiffon lightweight texture will not give us much burden. Irregular cut chiffon personality can be magnified, waist design even more staggering, printing passion and plain collide, with the most portable travel dress up.

Both bright and fresh in clothing

High temperatures, have to go out in front of the wardrobe hesitated for a long time, would like to wear a little bright color, but even more excited mood hot, then wear a refreshing cool it, and not willing to too simple simply, always difficult to decide. In order to save our precious time, find people shine while refreshing cool clothing, summer travel much happier.

01 Do not want to make mistakes, black and white with the most classic insurance option, and strive to make the overall shape of the cool and clean, white is the main color, body black is embellishment is also a very good color, black and white hit the color is to meet the tall point of view, not the rules of the swallowtail skirt reached the swaying effect.

02 Look, suits save so much more trouble, to avoid the time spent in the selection of wholesale clothes from China, in order to wear eye-catching and not fancy, may wish to lower body short skirts or shorts on the point of mind, the following beautiful gorgeous, above simple and natural, with a very coordinated, what impetuous pompous, all can not see.

03 The temperature gradually increased, the denim skirt color do not choose dark blue, try to white and pale, compared with the puff skirt, a step skirt style highlights the stylish fashion style, vest style is different from the general strap dress, no The tender suspense, but the role of age reduction can not be overlooked.

04 In the hot summer travel, loose and elegant chiffon shirt is essential, white lace flowers inlaid on the bright yellow, greatly enhance the fresh and sweet taste, a small cloak cheap Korean clothes online used to the summer above, dignified and dignified Reiki charming perfect blend.

05 Pure color plus perspective pattern is beautiful and unconventional magic, enjoy the graceful little woman with flowers show side, with a lovely pink, set off the face more delicate, so that enough seductive, without considering other minutiae.


Sling: can not resist the slender temptation

What is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to vintage European style? Is the luxury of hand-made, or the extreme waist? I first thought is the elegant shoulder strapless collar, bright red lining of the white skin, exposed clavicle reveals a subtle sexy, retro beauty oncoming.

01 Beautiful blue always gives a good mood, patchwork town houses, colorful butterflies dancing under the blue sky, so a beautiful painting. High waist and puff clothes from China princess princess child, sweet in a fairy gas.

02 Everyone lives in the heart of a little monster, in the printing world, the cartoon pattern is still fashionable. This year the color of the first print is to be overhangs, pink and white with a very low profile but also very lining color, straight version of the model does not pick the body, you want a small fresh is so simple.

03 When is the most tempting woman? When you are not aware of; spaghetti straps why people put it down? Because that is weak and slender, there is another kind of expectation that will not fall down. So, want to be a hundred percent women, several sling is indispensable.

04 When conservative people are still bit “spaghetti straps will not reveal too much” and tangled, considerate she has chosen the favorite style, the open place must not be closed, the place of the cover must Do not open, this degree is so subtle.

05 The more slender, the more women. If you stubbornly do not want to look too weak and weak, then this “ladies” style for you. T-shirt black T-shirt, neat with deserted, all are saying, “I’m not the same with them,” is simply cool!