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Candy colorful clothing

Believe that the girls love the summer because of the infinite possibilities of dress, skirts, nice shirt, new ideas one after another, wonderful succession. This is a season of self-willed, even people can forget those who do not like to attract people, accidentally fell in love with you, my dear summer you are good?

01 Popular summer this wide-leg pants, as if back to a dozen years ago, when mothers are young, the passage of time will always make people think of fashion, to be improved to become today’s trend. Wrinkled V-neck sexy enchanting and dignified and generous, how this elegant cheap clothes from China cannot be loved.

02 Skirt world, the most comfortable style, together with the skirt printing can be free with nature, how to bloom on how to bloom. Silk need to print embellishment, clever balance between pure and lively, informal character derived from a Queen’s breath, stand the test.

03 Black has the benefits of black, can be reminded of the hot day, showing the extraordinary charm. To meet the printing with black to show a tall texture, mixed with the classic significance of the grid, all this becomes very appropriate, just because more than a glance in the crowd, then fell in love with.

04 There are plaid season, there will be stripes, and they seem to be natural enemies, both higher and lower and do not want to let each other out of their sight, so often diagonal drama situation. Complex color does not hinder the visual power of stripes, pleated waist was thin so simple.

05 This summer we met too many candy color colorful, it is time to see how the model interpretation of intellectual elegance. First of all from the beginning of color, burgundy mellow stamina exceptionally eye-catching in midsummer, exactly the same interpretation, a little personality will not be submerged in the crowd.

Passing scenery should bear in mind

Bustling, the world is always so big, we are so small, by the flood of time to promote the forward, the landscape around constantly changing, people around are also growing, passing scenery should be remembered, those who accompany One-way people will be the memory of the most beautiful scenery.

01 College style? Or age reduction? Well, if the well-behaved Peter Pan collar does reveal the age-specific characteristics of these styles, the refreshing light blue will directly hold the line of sight in one of the worlds, leaving a small space for the bow to breathe.

02 I heard that you want to hide the summer Italian clothes, will have a different summer.  Summer meaning is not through the sweat is also a lot of meat, wet is also difficult to relieve the generalization of it?

03 It is a sunscreen shirt, not to mention a cardigan. Color, elegance, thin gauze, embroidery and hollow splicing just right, round neck breasted small short section of the style, although the streets can still be very suitable with long wholesale women clothing.

04 At first glance, each other’s mind clear, no entanglement of interests, emotions, stupid, but in each other’s smiling arc of glimpse of a trace of similar breath, the trace of the mood is like the plain line embroidery white spread of the general spread Come on, halo into the beautiful lines.

05 Sunshine, fast, every day is like a replica of the past days, but every day is new, unexpected surprises may occur anytime. Ordinary T-shirt ordinary clothes, but because it is you, so it will be a surprise.

Cut off the sleeves a fresh

I wonder if you did not find it, perhaps the reason the summer heat, everyone taking pictures of the style is more and more eclectic. No longer like the spring and autumn so pleasant climate can be slowly and slowly put a half day pose, but free to click on a few random, out of the effect but refreshing, free and easy.

01 If you also want to learn this easy-going camera mode, in general, there is no standard. Sitting can be shot, standing can also be shot, touch the hair shot, walked the road also shot a good self-timer mobile phone, carry a bag shot all kinds of beauty.

02 If summer hurt you sweat, get makeup, in front of the camera you need to double self-confidence and ease. Because the makeup details of the modification in front of powerful computer technology is only a small case, but the natural expression is not out. Showing your natural and natural smile, for the victory over the summer, than anything else.

03 Delicate flowers do not because of the sun, torrential summer and convergence of her look, on the contrary, the sun makes her even more dazzling, rain makes her more moisture. In summer also let myself be a leisurely woman, mood with the piece of green leaves gently rocking in the breeze.

04 Sleeveless skirt small bare shoulders to match China wholesale shoes, jade smooth, always feel that this detail is very attractive, you look more radiant. Wine red chiffon hanging down, contaminated with a mellow, light waist figure exquisite convex, youth is still, the years are so beautiful.

05 Shirt-style dress, collar collar with a big fuss, bring shirt-style handsome and capable, slightly conservative collar and open sleeveless wonderful blend together, highlight the subtle elegance. Sleeve like a multi-layer skirt with wholesale shoes china, puffed release of sweet atmosphere.

Creative design clever dot

The clever use of the basic style of the blank, so that the limited elements to the infinite extension to play a greater effect, or make full use of the magic of color to form a fantastic visual impression. Some just right eye design can enhance the charm and dress grade. Want to point in plain life unusual scenery, let unique design exclusive quality to achieve this feeling.

01 Hollow and flowers of real and imaginary, forming a distinctive bright vision of the beautiful belt, between the upper and lower body form a semi-open space, waist hollow half cover, this semi-spicy and semi-sweet scale and sexy aesthetic half fusion degree is fantastic. When the flowers meet a little black wholesale Korean fashion, the unique charm will keep my heart.

02 Swaying tassels is a dynamic extension of the skirt, color collision, colorful patterns express rich ethnic customs, back a little black mystery mystery sexy and subtle romantic continuation, different personality aristocratic debut. In the simple injection of vitality color, every inch are vivid and stunning.

03 Is the evening sky clouds steaming fantasy wonderland, is the spirit of graffiti art infiltration, is the dynamic and diverse sports, petal kiss, is a carnival of color, is a passionate sway, a dazzling summer fashion proposition.

04 Minimalist H-type basic section skirts do not have to say more practical, delicate and thin knit fabric to wear different kind, especially for more and more cool summer and autumn as a good ride within the simple and elegant style look wild, Inclusive physique plasticity, selection of black and white gray piercing the exclusive big fan.

05 Pure white, immortal beauty by it, water lace, splendid silk splicing cascade, the princess mind is not yet, the former word collar, deep V lace style after wearing two, high waist contour, details show the unremitting pursuit of the pretty. A very taste of a dress, daily wear fine exquisite, as a dress no less, the holiday wear extremely romantic.

Addition of clothing – the beauty of the level

Perhaps you will forget the elegant beauty, but Organza yarn fashion rules are not so easily forgotten, light color printing, and white highlights the importance of level, more beautiful skirts flying in early autumn.

01 Simple match, but also need a little bright spot. Well autumn, do not be so deep like. This red is not too warm, but enough for the autumn filled with bright colors. Random painting on the drawing board, collision with the solid color clever collocation, that is, through the wonderful combination.

02 With a skirt, you need a solid color shirt. Lace is the best, after all, late summer and early autumn people often silly can not tell. A little fringe of playful, a little delicate lace, anyway, is the best with a solid color. Pure black or white are the most suitable choice.

03 Cotton linen shirt, perhaps reluctant summer scenery, so sketch, want to retain the shades of color linger. The most wonderful is a little arc hem, with a skirt must be very appropriate, those literary and ladylike feelings are perfect performance.

04 Selected high-grade silk fabrics, smooth and soft, shiny, comfortable and more beautiful fashion at the same time; the waist of the 3D digital printing, the waist was thin and excellent effect, instantly has a charming waistline; Irregular double-layer skirt pendulum, modified leg lines, showing the graceful and elegant woman.

05 Classic two-piece cheap Korean clothes online, not only to cover the extra fat, slim was thin, and can adjust the body proportions, elongated lower body lines, outline the sexy figure of woman’s curves; knotted knot, light and elegant, highlighting the elegant woman taste; double skirt, walking in between, more aesthetic romance.

06 Not only refers to the level of a multi-level clothes, but also can be multi-piece clothing formed at multiple levels. This section of water-soluble lace jacket, a single point of view there is no sense of hierarchy, but with other wholesale women clothes to wear with, through the lace and lace inside the formation of the sense of hierarchy, so that the whole garment even more upscale, showing the wearer’s aesthetic height and dress taste.

Not critical clothing

The first time I saw this lovely white cat walked the canyon, and soft rounding the head of the fleshy body, sluggish side of the head to look like the heart should be cute wholesale women clothing with clutch, so cats, of course, income in the hands.

01 Among the many collars, it is really rare to not be critical . Small V neck collar needs a smooth look, a small lapels attention to the slender neck, Peter Pan collar temperament for innocent girls, petal collar does not go well with the conventional thread. Compared to those picky up like grapes requires a bunch of string after string in the wholesale dresses.

02 It is not a curved line. Round neck in many sister paper seems elliptical cut out half of them, or large and small and wholesale clothing fit. Arc itself can actually have a subtle connotation, whether exposed clavicle? Whether to dig deep to reveal more skin? Does it look more retro with the print? Behind the seemingly ordinary round neck, delicate fine-tuning everywhere.

03 It is sometimes emphasized, so take away the protagonist’s style. This is especially true of hit colors and streaks, as the drastic changes in lines and colors visually reconcile and highlight, so irregular trumpets can not pull back the offset.

04 Take a deep breath and it will make your body lighter. Compared with the lapels buttoned last button, it is clearly not the slightest sense of restraint. For fear of heat and afraid to tighten the girl, the importance of a round neck is equivalent to one of the greatest gifts. Fluffy adduction court puff sleeve, five-point length is not significant shoulder width, but incomparable ladies.

05 It has become so cute, even more beautiful than the waves. Irregular milk cow like waves of different sizes, lively in the dress, so a style commuter dress has a girl-like innocence and beauty. Umbrella pendulum is good at masking fat short thighs, and loose round neck to maximize the breathable skin leaving room for.

Completely in love with nice clothing

Demolition of a gift to be solved, at first glance has decided to completely fall in love with it, after all, any unrelenting affectionate worth a good collection. People who can be loved thousands of times are often not bad luck, just because it happens to have been favored capital and being loved. Do not complain that you have not been such a vantage, as long as the beginning to pay, it is not too late, one day, you will eventually become a bright woman, have been like all the people.

01 Obviously should not have so many illusions, but still have the last resort, you want to be justified to stay in the side of like people. In love, we have become the most ignorant children, ignorant and do not know myself. Actually, nature itself is not good already? The most real is the most worthy of love. When the sweet lace met handsome cowboy, but still retain their own style in high quality Korean fashion wholesale, can not see their extreme, only to see the implied in my heart touched.

02 No season should bear too boring, even if it is lonely habit of autumn is not the case, so that care from the clothes is another degree of warmth. Ordinary sweater, all-round protection of the body in urgent need of warmth, sleeve printing, his right is a long-suffering confession: love only deserve more love.

03 Those stirring with, mostly in the simple hidden unexpected bustling. There is no bright light, but it has a very comfortable strength. Ordinary shirt, can wear out the formal, but also wear out the random and sensual, all the different can choose their own, as long as the heart how to wear the beauty.

04 Denim fabric is like an evergreen tree in a popular garden. It has never changed too much because of the season. Perhaps the obsession is its counterpart. The most basic denim jacket, piercing out more than just smart, but also a strong look forward to freedom.

05 Like a meter of sunlight through the cracks at the beginning, the bright essence is not the light of the light and darkness, but from the eye to the heart of a sense of distance, such as ink spilled dreary, deep and shallow silhouette in general, outlined Romantic island of Coconut Grove style, the word – cozy.

Love with the best gesture

All the woman’s bones are about the same as the other foxes in “Little Prince,” which makes no difference to the thousands of foxes in the world before the Little Prince appeared. Once tamed, she can become unique Exist, willing to love the best gesture.

01 Remember, always keep a bright sunshine smile is the beginning of a woman good luck, so that there should be nothing inappropriate. Since God has given the right to have different emoticons, you should be able to show the best of the best, looking up all day, saying nothing of love will not visit.

02 The best manifestation of the external manifestation of decent gestures, no doubt. This is not only for love, but for all other things. Living in this large community of society, dealing with people is something that must be done on a daily basis. In order to have a better impression, you should not be shy about it.

03 Love you, not to talk about it. The so-called best gesture in the end what kind of gesture, perhaps there is no clear definition, if casual count, it would be quite interesting. Like Millay in Struggle, it’s also fine to keep a love of love and regretlessness in cheap clothes from China.

04 Since the chic personality can be, then wild uninhibited naturally no problem. To put it bluntly, it is nothing more than a mere word in my heart. What the appearance is actually not that important, as long as sincerity is full. Just like wild white denim jacket, wash the most elegant and simple the most important.

05 Beautiful rose red texture full of shiny appearance, do not know how many women fascinated, let alone the exquisite aesthetic style design, can not extricate themselves. Buds bloom waiting for the general waist, set off a woman delicate and delicate features, yes, they want the jacket is just like this.


Sleeve’s whisper confession

Sleeve of passionate, probably only in the fall to be able to perfect fusion with it. Sleeveless cuffs are more hidden than sweethearts. Correct tailoring, the perfect outline of the arm slender curves, deliberately blank, but it is infinite reverie.

01 For girls, lift the skirt, full of happy face filled with smile spinning around, this is to wear the favorite wholesale fashion dress favorite to do. Big skirt, so small that vanity has been completely satisfied, cuffs and lace at the waist, the perfect interpretation of the tens of thousands of lace style.

02 If the summer is not a package also said that the past, have come to early autumn, if it is not the last train ride this package, it really too late. The overall beauty of the suit is something that other clothes can not give, with slightly more romantic elements that change in style. Looked at the neckline and skirt daisy flowers across, really envy others.

03 Stroll in a green grass, always can not help but indulge in the vastness of nature, the current autumn wind blows more violent, more aware of the immediate green left. To wear a cardigan season, only to wave goodbye summer. Loose liberal arts cardigan, comfortable and comfortable, placket ribbon decoration makes a difference, is the first choice for autumn and winter literary girls.

04 Too thick jacket still do not like the current season, so quietly hide in the closet refused to come out, but easy-going little cardigan are willing to come out to see the sun. A closer look at the girl around, have begun in the skirt or T-shirt with a thin cardigan, and so the trend of the trend, the pretty girls quickly learn it!

05 The highest rating of a skirt is that it can wear out their own personality. In the depressed season, a sweet dresses can awaken those sleepy cells. Pink color, sweet to the heart, scattered in the cuffs and skirt hit the color ribbon, like the layers of waves have been stirred up, virtually adding a skirt of agility and vitality.

I heard that we have a holiday

Holidays will add a little more chance to life, do not have to work on time, do not step by step to arrange everything, you can arrange nothing, only quietly feel the time slowly passing around, leisurely afternoon feel a quiet time, safe in the world.

01 To be forever A type of talent, A symbol of courage and perseverance, only unwilling, not easily meet the people to reach the top, only perseverance, keep learning new things people can hold their own top. So, as it has shown, noble white, shining golden, give you a part to support, brave forward.

02 This is the handsome cool girl some appearance, do not love low-key love shine. Large sequins are exquisitely set on the black cotton cloth, set dazzling and comfortable in one. Without too much introduction touted, approached you can feel a gale, strong to be willing to be impressed.

03 Is simply black, how could some people fascinated, black charm lies in having unlimited inclusiveness, and make shine even more shine. At the same time, the interpretation of fashion, stitching is good. And look at the collision of cotton and embroidery, fashion trigger. Slightly Puff Sleeve design and large A-type hem, all for your consideration of body shape, was thin and not bloated.

04 Or wear a casual denim skirt, casual back shoulder bag, put on your favorite flat shoes, to go on a walk that can be very far and near, as long as the heart on the road, what is the distance Relationship, not to mention sometimes in close proximity, the heart has wholesale Korean fashion.

05 Or put on beloved sportswear, to exercise, sweat, and enjoy the sense of achievement and happiness brought by the competition. After all, too boring to work time, a long time inevitably lack of passion, this time to help you exercise, simple but also very effective.