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Sweet retreat pullover skirt

Wooden ear folds are one of the favorite retro elements of the ladies in clothing wholesale, exquisite plant embroidery three-dimensional reproduction of the natural fairy posture beauty, people love can not stop, elegant gray blue as the breeze passing, let this sweet to bring part of the indifferent quiet, fresh ladies style sweater will be able to light a whole body, and most of the wardrobe can also be fit to match the cool autumn.

01 Small pompon lace picture box cartoon painting out of the clear eyes, to the sweater marked with exquisite fashion stamps, will also rejuvenated feelings in the heart, elegant and gentle gray for these more refined, cotton and lace comfortable romantic combination will let people love this autumn.

02 White collar will lead the time back to the innocent past, the shirt combination of two college students look back to the day embrace the books in the campus running time, a large white wool embroidery quietly bloom, lit the quiet afternoon time.

03 Lantern sleeve sweater pencil skirt writing a graceful time, and gray and white rendezvous and appropriate temperament, so quietly live, like people just between the distance, it is time to reconcile and know the everlasting.

04 It is printed up to the adult bear go out the door of the warm picture, delicate color is both stylish and realistic, at the same time with the different color of the sweater changes, especially determined, pure color sweater has a personalized printing embellishment is no longer monotonous, to convey the autumn warm sun unique warmth, favored with the same color so that the whole body like a sun-like warm according to people.

05 Autumn, everything is good, the only bad is dry to itchy itching, to point moisturizing eyes, gouache or water blue, pale and clear as was washed the same, like the autumn wind peach blossoming smile, high collar open sweater dress this season is the most real punctuality, simple wear clothing fashion.


Never forget that there will be a reverberation

Suddenly miss the university campus, thinking about graduation plan to do a video thing has been shelved for various reasons, quite sorry. And then the whim issued a collection of school photos of the small notice, half a day did not move, that no one will respond, but it is accidentally received a teammate’s message, for a long time did not contact, and then even when there is no talk gap, Kind of very miss the taste.

01 Always feel that they are a very nostalgic person, like the past things better than now, and even friends feel that the older the better, whether or not often contact. And therefore like everything with the “old” things, do the old clothes is also one of the fun. Wake up in the vortex of retro, it seems glow with a long time from the mellow in wholesale clothing.

02 Youth invincible moment is the most vital memory that people cannot miss, and I talk about the most also than that time the young ignorance. So I heard “obsessed, there must be reverberation,” this sentence will always be able to resist, that I was obsessed with, what kind of reverberation, perhaps already echoed only deliberately ignored forget.

03 In the face of the love of the old things, many people have a positive attitude, always think that the old people are often specific people, this group of people in love with a very few things can transfer their attention Another copy. Wash the white cowboy has been preferred, that the best color of the water is the most obsessed with the old people.

04 Every old thing has countless stories, and every story has an ordinary sincere. Old people like to do the old clothes, in the precipitation of time to fade some of the color and left some new things. Each of the obsession has to obsessed with the reasons, so this old clothes are deeply preferred.

05 And this old clothes like the old things on the dedication, the atmosphere of literature and art in this retro wave of wandering. Like the washed color, gray flutter seems to write a variety of stories, waiting for one day you suddenly remember to laugh at the people around, or you forgotten, quietly precipitated in the corner.

A little decoration in clothes will be better

Like a woman needs to dress up to highlight the personality of dress, wholesale clothes naturally also need some unique crowning touch, with a different shape of the finishing touch can naturally highlight or dignified and elegant, or lively and playful different personality. Pure and dignified is not bad, but a little decoration will be better.

01 If only a simple white suit, this dress will not be less playful personality. Lovely flavor full of meow pedestrians occupy the collar, cuffs on the embroidery flowers are added to the overall taste of the sun up, that is sweet lady style, but also full of lively and playful feelings.

02 Wine red and beige tacit cooperation, both set off and can highlight their own characteristics. Exquisite embroidery around the collar brings out the exquisite face of oriental women, elegant little collar more subtle elegance. Slim cut with long skirt design, together to create the oriental woman’s soft and delicate.

03 If there is no hand-painted plum on the skirt, this piece of the buckle will not be less fine some more rough? Because of the existence of plum blossom clothes more than some of the book aroma, contaminated with some plum blossom. This hand-painted plum is the finishing touch of the whole dress.

04 Simple and capable lines, fashion wild lapel, coupled with the atmosphere of self-confidence embroidery patch, is not the original low-key white more publicity atmosphere. Break the tenderness ladies style, give clothes a little bit of boy attributes, you understand it.

05 Although the sweater warm, but some always around the shortcomings, such as the style is always very rigid, like a very mother loaded. But this sweater did not give you a pleasant surprise. Brisk embroidery dragonfly flying in the clothes, with you fly to the happy future.


There is a reason to fall in love with you

Some people say that in the vast sea of people, inadvertently a glimpse of the moment, I know you are the person that I am waiting for a long time, so I have no reason to fall in love with you. However, for clothing, this does not apply. Perhaps the pattern, perhaps the color, perhaps the version type, perhaps the details, there are always two places attracting me, will not hesitate to bring it back, because I always think that is the best fit, so, love you, there must be a reason to love the wholesale women clothes, too.

01 You are very good at dressing, it is clear that the black and white colors are classic, but not suitable for your sweet lady feeling, so you choose the pink to fill grid pattern, both fresh and fashionable , but also in line with your temperament, and sure enough, behind the heroine as the Korean drama, people want to care in the arms.

02 You do not belong to the first glamorous beauty, but you are absolutely very attractive to the connotation of the woman, if he is not careful enough, it may miss you. See, if there is no lines, indifferent without publicity, just like your own.

03 Plaid, for the rich experience of taste for you, has been unable to meet your needs, attractiveness is not large. After a special treatment of new fabrics, convex and concave have caused, strong texture, but also allows you to generate interest, just in line with your pursuit of high quality.

04 To see the surrounding leaves more and more, suddenly miss the summer that a strong green, flourishing leaves enjoy swaying in the branches. Hush, close your eyes, let the fresh mint green belt you quietly return to the pond beauty.

05 Most of the girls will not like the artificial attitude of life, we need a lot of courage to face all kinds of life. Why can not it be good for yourself? A simple and innovative coat, so that you know how the situation in the case of no confidence.

How to be pretty in dressing

Autumn and winter season, wholesale dresses are really a test of people’s work. To wear fresh vitality and can not be separated from the autumn and winter environment, to wear warm and thin, not only to wear a coat to harmony and beauty, into the room, then take off the coat how to do? Within the ride is also the focus.

01 The simplest match is shirt collar with sweater, convenient and not easy to make error, it is the best choice for everyday. Bottom of the shirt does not need any complicated pattern, only need a nice collar, petals generally around the neck, how wonderful is it!

02 Retro style is popular today, do the old denim shirt almost one hand. So how can we stand out among the many similar shirts? Cute cartoon printing is a different magic weapon, leather short skirt with the ultimate is a small success!

03 Letter sweater with cartoon is suitable for school students to be lovely, comfortable and nice sweater version is always difficult to let it go, not to a few simple patch, with the irregular scattered in the body, white color is quietly injected into the lively power, simple but not monotonous.

04 Favorite autumn and winter dress, the whole body full of warm wrapped a sense of security. Can not see the quiet growth of meat, but also in the inside to add warm clothing. Go out and add a long coat, even if not button will not feel cold with it.

05 Finally, a wild trousers, do not like to wear pants for the winter, the girl probably only needs it a pair of pants is enough. For girls who like pants, perhaps to store a few? Plus cashmere casual trousers, slim stovepipe warm, you deserve it!

Each clothing is the value of the role

Wardrobe lack of a wholesale fashion dress for it again, nice, stylish, trendy style and so on. Lack of clothes to wear is a common thing, but carefully thinks about which clothes in the closet is not worth the value of it? Which one is not a favorite? But who can not stop us to continue to buy the clothes.

01 To have pieces of cloak, not just the value of having it, it is an eye-catching play. In the crowd at a glance to remember, it is not easy and very simple things, but the cloak can be easy to do. Warm character and colors are exactly the same, the cloak has the most feeling.

02 Anyway, every day to do endless things, endless problems, let the dress up to be a little simple, even if the occasional repetition does not have to be too real. Black and white hit the color of precision is houndstooth proud of the capital, of course, we pay more attention to the big red coat to bring the visual shock.

03 Winter night increasingly being longer, when the night will be some lonely do not know where to go, as good as knitting and talk about it perhaps so you will be more aware of its beauty and fashion, and perhaps so it will be more understanding of your needs and advantages, perhaps from your cooperation on the seamless.

04 The best value to play is the young and dynamic of their own, pink light green lavender wear time. Dolls of youth will let our worth to continue for several years, because the age is the doll to give us the best gift, with it will not be too afraid of the time foot of the conspicuous or not.

05 High split skirt has always been a synonym for sexy, summer afraid of going out too daring too sexy, but to the winter sexy become less like that matter. Meet this dress, just feel literary and chic, do not think of any inappropriate words, see, of course, be regarded as the value of play.

Autumn coat, various in pattern

Classic and easy to watch the wholesale Korean fashion, telling true, and then nothing more than khaki trench coat is more suitable for this cool season, which is simply a symbol of autumn, although the annual popularity of the poor is not bad style, but never been overlooked, no matter how to wear it can be so chic with western style.

01 The denim jacket has been advancing with the times, think about it can be understood, in order to meet the woman’s growing beauty of the heart, every day with a careless will be subject to despise the pressure, no hard work where to go now.

02 Gentle skin-friendly knitted jacket: no one who will make life difficult with the knitted jacket, especially women, almost all into a few, not only with any inside to take, buckle up can also be taken as a separate, the key is very light, go out free bag on the line, completely without space.

03 Wild uninhibited leather jacket, a little maverick some of the women will generally have a soft spot for the leather, stiff and without losing the chic style, used to concave type of what is simply not so good, and, super obvious color, then listless style is not afraid of the state.

04 Suit jacket does not have to repeat it, almost all the same, quite satisfactory. However, even if the law-abiding, but also law-abiding new ideas, pink powder tender tender suits, and all the black and white gray is very different, worth having.

05 Life is the most important to be happy, dress the most important look. How simple the truth, all can be easy to understand. What exactly is it? At least not the same as before it, see people change the way to change their image, we have nothing to do.


Not afraid you are not beautiful, but afraid that you do not buy it

Who prescribed fashion is like a chameleon to change, to hold a classic for their own only more important. If you can make the wholesale women clothes into your beautiful label, but also nothing bad, personality is in this process gradually curing, was remembered.

01 High-end sweater is this year’s fashion trends, in order to be the most shining in the crowd, absolutely no one to a high-necked sweater to support the gas field. Pure white goddess style, sexy, a thick lazy feeling is precisely the most exciting appearance.

02 Lace shirt sensuality and enchanting in any season are holding the dress, winter is no exception. A little charming temptation, intentionally or unintentionally touched the most sensitive nerves, perhaps let you take off the coat but also to be so pretty with a single product it must go.

03 Like sweater without special reason, purely because it is comfortable and free to wear it. Simple style, but there is no lack of fashion sense, do take inside, is the proper warmth. With the long pants, was thin and then legs long, so beautiful, who can be willing to refuse it?

04 Even in the winter, should not be wrapped in your own tightly for the standard, the body relax or wear on the pursuit of the eternal standards. With a decent suit, always the greatest degree of presentation of the beauty of each girl. Tailored exquisite, perhaps it is such a experience in nice clothes.

05 Hairy sweater is quite sweet, which is loved by all kinds of girls wearing a single product. Gray is calm and the chic trend can make it be in the winter to show off the color, the classic round neck hundred never tired, put it a little self-timer about, will make you relaxed and beautiful in the social circle.


Being especial just need a little bit decoration in clothes

Maverick is a lonely gesture, people inevitably want to seek identity, but do not want to obliterate the crowd. Contrary to the contradiction. However, why must be non-white or black so absolute in Korean clothes wholesale? In the acceptance of the public add a little bit of special, they can easily stand out!

01 To the language of the blank is always with the exploration of the magic, complicated pattern between the little bit of skin crystal, looming temptation is always more clear than the exposed to some. Thin and soft self-cultivation T-shirt, only a little bit of hollow pattern, they particularly up.

02 Furry of the fairy and embroidered gaudy can also coexist? Oh, of course! Imitation lamb hairy sweater, fall sleeve sleeves weaken the shoulder line, soft and soft hair touching some messy arrows and letters, the sleeves of the blank so that the whole will not seem messy, but naughty cute.

03 Winter is a season for love, people than the flowers of the girls, face good smile warm, winter and how? She smiled and went into the spring. Nine long sleeves in the long section, simple and smooth lines, powder with orange color is special enough, the focus is both lining color and tender.

04 Only in the winter, will be a little indulgence for a while to eat their own contentment; only in the winter, will quietly exercise the body into the occasional to leave their own leave; only in the winter, will not be so tight, but very self-cultivation sweater and jacket fine-tuning dress habits.

05 Girls always have the courage to try, with gold to defend the beauty, with the cold wind to create a sense of high quality, with sports shoes to replace the thin high-heel and so on. Their winter than any other season, as if hidden in the dry wood in the star of the flame, waiting for the red outbreak of the moment.


More attractive, is a constant addiction

Every day in the next step, promised to become different from yesterday and their own. To be hard to lose all kinds of skin care procedures; to enrich the heart, to keep reading often listen; to continue to improve the dress, charm is not abstinence in wholesale clothing.

01 They said that down jacket to be light enough, thin section how easy to keep the body. No hood, no fur collar, no A word put no pattern of the collar. It is simple to almost straightforward, only the printing will be dragged out of the territory of the ordinary. Short paragraph cotton clothes sometimes do not need much modification; just rendering the lively has won the winter warmth.

02 Look at a red coat, as if to see very happy Lunar New Year movies. From the beginning to the end, full of New Year is the joy and joy. Cocoon-shaped jacket with a large lapel, it is written in the red under the big lively playful.

03 People feel happy, must be the same thing in the heart. Pink as if from the little girl period was engraved in the life of the river bed, over and over again washed out the angular rounded texture. Exquisite fox collar needle in the light quietly shining, that little bit clear, enough.

04 It is self-willed, all surrounded by down jacket dare to boldly travel; only she is a cardigan jacket directly into the cold wind. Look carefully, it is thoughtful. The appearance of the lotus is thick inside the cotton, hooded part of the erect; you can live all the broken possession into the body.

05 Many people say that the check is too simple. Blue and gray color looks harmonious and low-key, but with the thick material with wool to enrich the style of the sweater. It can choose shirt out of the tip of the small collar, which is simple, will eventually countless wild surprise.