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You should need such a shopping list

Look at the cold morning and evening more and more obvious, feel the sunset time getting earlier, yes, the fall really came, and the closet should also be the season. I understand that the girls in the closet always need to buy some new wholesale women clothes to feel considered perfect, so offer a shopping list of autumn, I hope you can use it.

01 Sleeve sweaters in the autumn and winter can play a variety of roles. Since the moment is early autumn, the temperature comfortable and pleasant, naturally it can be when the protagonist slightly the premise of the choice is also very simple, if you are a very fat body of the girl, and then choose the loose section of the jacket sweater.

02 If you are slim body of the girl, wearing a self-cultivation of the pullover is the most appropriate, but the original knitted pullover is prone to obvious fat risk, but because the body bone is small enough, so the appropriate increase in the number of components but can make people feel more healthy and engaging.

03 The transition season cannot always help the windbreaker, the classic models do not have to say that one can wear for many years are out of date, but the appropriate start now the more fashionable section is also good. Big lapel is a lot of hope to have the palm of the face of the girl’s choice, colorful choice, so that autumn can be as bright as the summer.

04 But now the most popular than suede fabric coat, and simple models cut with double-breasted design, so handsome once again be upgraded. The collar of the way to wear can also make the feel of the show more vivid.

05 In addition to windbreaker, cardigan is also a help you I through the cold and winter transition season is a good helper, if you have been into the workplace for many years children, then I strongly suggest that you start in the cardigan when we must pay attention to the choice of texture, to know, wearing a few times on the hair ball knitting cardigan, might as well do not buy it.

Collar high enough can have elegant taste

From the people’s attention for so long, high collar with the autumn wind finally began to pop up, cannot help but feel the fashion industry really can be described as turns, before the inconspicuous things do not mean that there will be no one day, then come back, fine high quality Korean fashion wholesale, collar a little higher, really pretty.

01 Can be wearing a high-necked sweater how to improve the style? Collar and clothing body to hit the color, contrast and then highlight the level of the two cuffs and high collar echoes, all designed to be so orderly, no matter from which point of view cannot pick the flaws.

02 High collar and short sleeve combination This seems to be uncoordinated, in fact, but to meet the early autumn weather characteristics, that cold is not cold, that heat is not very hot, the body is a thin knitted fabric, soft and comfortable, good show stature, exposed arm just can be breathable, so that the cover was tightly, with black dress, strong fashion.

03 If not a high collar of the existence, even if the addition of pure lace flowers and lovely wave point elements, this dress cannot be so complete interpretation of elegant and dignified style, light cooked with sweet, sweet yet noble, Look at it will be unforgettable.

04 Early autumn with early autumn dress, exquisite unique lace high collar, looming sleeves and skirts, all exudes a rich feminine, thick as if you can smell a burst of flowers, refreshing, skirt length determines it as Shirt to wear, two kinds of usage to see how you choose.

05 After a lot of red wine rendering, high-necked sweater full of flavor, but also revealed a touch of retro atmosphere, the body of the hollow effect at first glance is not obvious, more and more novel, so solid color sweater to get rid of the monotonous image, rest assured boldly wear it out.

The good things have never changed

In addition to the wholesale clothes of the brand and the pursuit of classic fashion, wearing clothes is to fight the mood, especially in my heavenly literary Fan so vigorous era, a mood of distant clothes, you can save a lot of words, we play is this has a long history.

01 Speaking of small black dress, is absolutely classic in the classic, so how many people obsessed with indulgence cannot extricate themselves. Beauty of the girls almost a hand, fashion wild not pick color, matched with a little bright ornaments, easy to make the whole shape becomes perfect.

02 Elegant dark blue background with colorful peach heart print, light and shade of the color, bring out the French full of romance. Simple skirt body, high waist line stitching micro-skirt, and the upper body of the self-cultivation design contrast, highlight the wonderful man is more tall and charming.

03 Want to bring the Queen style, long section of the windbreaker is a good choice, there is a warm wind and warm feeling. Classic wine red lining was more white skin color, but also with a variety of colors with a very good together, there are types of Fan in the fashionable stage to a firm foothold.

04 Enduring can be called classic, cowboy is such an element, it can be in a long time constantly glow with new vitality, always standing in the fashion cusp. Exquisite embroidery to the denim shirt added a fun and vitality, wearing it has not returned to the feeling of a child?

05 Sometimes the right clothes can also increase self-confidence for you, the red will give us such a positive energy. Black silk stripes for the restless red plus a calm force, it is more suitable for everyday wear. Loose profile slightly a little boy gas, the most suitable for the workplace women.

How about wearing in a long holiday?

Is your holiday already arranged well? No matter how sure to go out, then the problem came, how to wear it? Every morning in front of the mirror must be tangled, to a longer holiday to a luxury, but do not delay the time to go out without nice wholesale dresses.

01 Holiday, the first time to think is to go out to play a trip, regardless of the distance away from the total length of the holiday does not bear the name. Do you want to prepare a set of sportswear? Grab the mirror is not enough grid, but when it comes to comfortable comfortable comfortable about nothing less than it, travel Well, mainly to relax themselves.

02 Do not want to stay away from fashion circles? No problem, sportswear is not a vegetarian, people also have their own fashion rules. Sequin stitching cartoon pattern enough cute eye-catching it, two-piece skirt design also do not have to match high heels, a pair of canvas shoes can follow the skirt to go the world.

03 Or else to pieces of denim windbreaker it. Fall to the denim come, but also find an excuse not to choose a denim it? Unique stitching design, with rounded curvature to neutralize the denim detached personality, keep free and easy to add playful, classic color can break the traditional visual effects.

04 Since you want to go out, or obscure yourself Hi their own, or on the first person to become someone else’s scenery. Bright colors must be the best look in autumn shadows, maybe there will be a peach blossom, the holiday in the windbreaker accompanied by the more innocent and more happy.

05 Make a suitable dress for your little boots. This long vacation you will meet a lot of vertical stripes, because they just know how to grasp the opportunity to make their own wonderful romance. Straight skirt is very thin, and black boots complement each other, net yarn splicing is a playful sexy.

Someone calls you to buy the new clothes

Think about it, everyone is very concerned about their own have not been noticed, life is so, dress is even more so, do not wait until someone calls you know that the new wholesale clothes for yourself.

01 Want to do in the autumn of the lovely woman, no piece of windbreaker which can line ah. Let the girls in the Royal sister, LORI freedom to switch between, fear is only a windbreaker. Classic lapel, fashion type, loose style, wild tire. Give the body a holiday, it is better to use windbreaker to reward themselves.

02 Bat sleeve elegant between the gestures, from the glimpse of the heart is the kind of reserved and charming. When the representative of the temperament bat sleeves, met the simple simplicity of the ultimate stripes, the two will be what kind of sparks, let us wait and see it.

03 If you must use a color to represent the fall, then it must be yellow. Yellow and this season is always kind of invisible tacit understanding, so no matter what kind of yellow wear on the body, will not appear abrupt or deserted. Solid color chiffon shirt for the bottom is just, there are vitality and grace.

04 Cardigan without the beauty of breathtaking, as long as it can be random with all kinds of clothing with a good enough. The basic paragraph of the cardigan is the best choice to deal with changes in the weather, the color of the romantic meet the different age groups of people, if you want to wear new ideas, like this is a scarf is beautiful.

05 A shawl, and hearty, and warm, to know that you are only a short distance to the fall of the shawl. Although not eye-catching, but the upper body effect of the shawl has been stable to stay in their own small world, waiting for more people to explore its beauty. All the troubles of the season, a shawl is enough to solve.

The beauty belongs to the little beautiful autumn

Autumn is sunny enough, not cold and not hot quiet and tranquil, autumn and winter is not noisy low color home, color glimpse of different texture, a variety of atmosphere in the autumn and winter scenery, to see what the season will enter the new, learn those fashion wholesale dresses, comfortable and beautiful precision control, keep the beautiful autumn.

01 Texture nude color system has always been elegant and advanced temperament endorsement, warm light beige like a soft light, like milk, like warm and pure, small fruit collar simple and elegant, self-cultivation cut knit dress skirt embodies the city graceful style, fashion is changing, it is calm and impeccable.

02 If you feel the ordinary stripes are relatively flat, brilliant wave stripes to the minimalist wind skirt instantly pick out, tough in the soft, delicate atmosphere, modern modern geometric skirt, perfect pass the workplace and street beat the trend line, wide sleeve is so valiant type.

03 Fell on the knit dress autumn style, like a daffodil proudly bloom in the autumn. Black checkered in the earth color on the outline of indomitable appearance, simple taste of the magic of color, soft knit fit figure curve, elegant sets of slim inside and outside the real wear.

04 Knitted artistic expression, two-piece cross-strapless reflect the elegant sexy, rough knitted three-dimensional full lines, rich upper body contours, highlight the charming charm, two kinds of fabric mix and match fashion sense, the overall warm and comfortable and rich temperament.

05 To the autumn, along the season changes, the color brightness down, the purity of the rise, with their own character of the cool olive green, turmeric, possession of green color is the color of the product, the fall of the wild sweater, different colors of the attitude, no matter which color is difficult to choose.

Pamper yourself to be loved

Boyfriend loves you, because loves you, girlfriend loves you, because loves you; parents love you, but also because love you. Because they are favored, so to redouble their efforts to release these pet out, but you have thought, in the other people at the same time also love themselves? To know, only to learn to love themselves, have the ability to love others.

01 For the expectations of others, we may gradually become their own do not like the look, but what can this? Our bones, after all, or their own restless heart, in their own world, there should be how I like how the domineering.

02 The through the colorful summer, but stopped in the slightly monotonous cold autumn. Seen colorful, inevitably chose the final or pure to true color, the kind of heart like a thoughtful wrapped in a warm clothing wholesale in the body, lingering for a long time.

03 I believe many people will have this feeling: from the beginning to encounter the cowboy, they feel that the whole person was completely captured by it. British full of cowboy, like a very reckless and child-like themselves, how to wear how chic it is.

04 Pursuit of popular is not wrong, but win in the classic seems more reasonable. Pretty little black dress, swept for another while, slim feeling like a tailor according to the shape of each person cut out the same, people do not like it is difficult.

05 In the bright afternoon, met the pure sky, also met a laugh girl, she wore a lovely cartoon baseball service, and the sky and the same color, she used a smile to warm up all the cold this season.

Wind from the autumn, nice clothes accompany with you

A few days before the cold wind down, but also holding a few days the weather will warm the idea, it now seems really want more, the temperature is not low, the wind is also happy to play, even if the sun at noon still can not stop the sober autumn wind. Such a weather, the girls must take care of themselves, a single piece can not meet the needs, then pick a good look at the wholesale clothes.

01 In fact, there is a fall in the fall of the place, that is, dry weather, drinking water is necessary. We all say “woman is the water to do”, we describe the lovely girl is also watery, not only because the weather is dry, often stay up all night to pay attention to pay air people, full of skin to show the most beautiful you.

02 In general, dress with the need for uniform style of clothing, will be a type of clothes with together, such as sweet wind, such as sweet female style, such as sports style, this can highlight your charm in this type, And harmony people look comfortable, with it is also simple, not easy to make mistakes.

03 Like this, the body wearing the main body of the PU material, there are fine lace stitching, lace numerous, occupy most of the area, the whole body black look handsome mysterious. In this case, in order not to upset the overall mysterious beauty, under the same material is not eye-catching simple black leggings like, take a long coat, the overall rate of temperament to dripping show.

04 Of course, in recent years gradually popular from the mix and match the style, but also seemingly free but not scruples free to wear, wear well, a temperament of the clothes may be the upper body to become a village show. Mix and match with reasonable to reflect your creativity and aesthetics, the form of course, a variety of eclectic.

05 Autumn in the workplace of the girl is able to reflect their own unique beauty, including the skirt is the most able to show a beautiful body, and of course there are more choices. Lingge arranged in the clothes, the wonderful geometric shape so that the whole looks elegant and generous, as well as shiny sequins, exquisite hook flowers with a small lace collar to make it a perfect inside.

What kind of clothes do you think can be chic?

You are a simple fashion woman. Bright orange like a warm sun sprinkled on the body, bringing the warmest care; personalized patch embroidered full of fun, to add joy to life; smooth simple lines are always the same love you always. “Fresh orange orange + patch embroidery + simple lines” coincides with your fashion declaration in cheap Korean clothes online.

01 You are a literary and intellectual woman. Not parrot, will not follow the crowd, whether it is manners, or dress, have their own clear style. Intriguing wine is like a thick book, gently open, not only the international ABC letters text, there are smart Christmas snowflake illustrations, take time, savor. This section of the cardigan jacket in the connotation of your body, everything just right.

02 You are an elegant and capable woman. Large fur collar, a very luxurious sense, highlighting the mature woman’s exquisite dress taste, and after the test of time and precipitation, and ultimately stay classic version of the type, is rich in life experience the best choice for elegant women.

03 Without the windbreaker, the autumn is not complete. Whether it is fat lady or slim lady, wardrobe need a thin simple windbreaker. Do not need too much personality decoration, to win in the self-cultivation effect is enough, even with a variety of match, do not let people feel unexpected.

04 Seen the charm of hollow, seen the cruel of the noble, and finally lost to the lace of love. People can not resist the lace embroidery, from the bones of the interpretation of the extreme, appropriate nudity, is also the nature of the girl’s heart.

05 Classic sweater both by the fashion wave of people’s favorite, but also popular people wear the first choice. Do not pick with the sweater, both to bring warm and comfortable, but also bring casual wear experience. Black and white hit color, visually more eye-catching, letter printing, it is non-tide can not choose.

06 Stripes are both classic and popular. Irregular stripes, more visual impact. Full of charming style shirt dress, the most interpretation of moving the ultimate. Minimalist black and white color has an irreplaceable task, you want to be thin, you have to wear so.

Sometimes the feeling cannot say it out

Many things in the world are tentative and tangible, but more cannot be described and difficult to let go of the beautiful feeling. As the fragrance of flowers, filled in the air, fleeing in the fingers cannot capture but also everywhere, take a deep breath, with the even air into the heart and lung, beautiful cheap Korean clothes online but also can not name.

01 Like a cloud of clouds, although unable to control their own, can only follow the wind blowing their own appearance, but they change the charm is endless. The same, the beauty of jacquard really let people have to love, let your beautiful days. I believe jacquard bar, elegant and beautiful.

02 Autumn blowing a cool wind, blowing some people hate someone love. The same autumn is a magic, the mind of the sadness will be it resolved, the hearts of the sad can always be blown away. Like swept the season of flax, spread to the charm of the fall did not diminish. Check the pattern of linen bottom shirt, comfortable national style is full.

03 Playing the skirt is really a bright autumn landscape, live in the moment, the girls dress style is no longer so cautious, strong color tension. People are increasingly biased in the bright colors, highlighting the charm of self. Like this, the red skirt flying, high waist was thin body filling.

04 Indescribable charm lies in, can not find out the law, casually heart, no one is always willing to live a life in the line between the mediocre life, the appropriate break through the yoke pursuit of a free feeling think or excitement It Irregular splicing sweater, want to try it?

05 Knitting generally held in the palm of the warmth, a warm flow from the fingertips gently across, drips quietly years. Color on the eye-catching, authentic color people at first glance feel very comfortable, exquisite pattern display low-key light temperament, with a simple style scarf will be full of vitality.