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Extreme gold velvet this time makes the unique autumn

Not because of leaves and hay to give the autumn of the definition that autumn is bored. Gentle years will have a lot of amazing time of the perfect encounter. Take the dress up, meet the gold velvet is autumn reward. This kind of cheap clothes from China to the autumn you can never miss it.

01 Do not have to look at the fabric of what is unique, we are just ordinary people, in the visual and tactical enjoyment is enough. Soft texture of the shiny elegance, slim tailoring but no curve can be perfect, lotus leaf shape of the V-neck to the scene full of temptation to taste.

02 When the retro to become an instinct, the Chinese style has a lot of logical reasons to do their own everything. Only the collar and the buckle is full of style. Short jacket of the excellent waist and long skirt swing superimposed romantic beauty, so that the fall like a romantic water.

03 Speaking of Chinese style cheongsam is absolutely can not be ignored. Thinking of the elegant lady wearing a cheongsam of the various enchanting and romantic feeling, for the temperament of the imagination had to be impressed. Gold velvet with embroidery, navy blue elegance makes age to become an advantage, all kinds of customs are also arrived.

04 Cheongsam is good, but it is difficult to control them, as dress is more approachable. But you do not think that casually a dress can meet the gold velvet adventure. The color of the picky, the achievements of the unique charm of the material, wine red and splicing embroidery, to create a perfect woman’s encounter.

05 When the style of return to the rustic, not because of embroidery or splicing is not enough to be chic, but because the color is too picky, it does not need more embellishment. Than the safflower more deep color, temperament is more calm, less so enchanting taste, a little more atmosphere dignified texture.

Warm and stylish pants

Beauty and wisdom is worthy of the practice of female life course, although both are not easy, it may be the first through the promotion of connotations and decent wholesale women clothes to show your unique charm by it, in the time to carefully polish yourself, slowly to live a good look and useful “classic masterpiece”. In the winter, in addition to concerned about the upper body to wear beautiful warmth, the lower body of the dress cannot be underestimated, warm is the first, of course, the more fashionable is better.

01 Corduroy fabric high density and soft texture skin care use it to do winter trousers and then fit. Pants on both sides of the beautiful knitting stitching and four-dimensional cut version of the combination of highlighting the legs of the slender and no sense of tension, fashion and personality atmosphere full, no matter how to match it is chic.

02 When it is cold, you could not wait to have the whole quilts for every step. But the women care about the body is thousands of years have not changed the fact that it came to the body of the down jacket, waist stitching to strengthen the three-dimensional was thin effect, and tight waist design is also more conducive to wear off.

03 Mini-speakers plus waist hip design will lower body curve outline particularly sexy and charming, but also enhance your taste and temperament clothing. Plus cashmere to ensure the warmth, stretch fabric can effectively build self-cultivation, the combination of the two for you to create a modern winter image.

04 Like the waist that embroidery-like pattern, the female elegance and feminine perfect show. Straight-style design makes the legs look particularly slender sexy, but also shows the intellectual and capable business temperament. It is working woman’s winter trousers first choice.

05 If you like to wear boots in the winter, then the elastic tights is a great match. It is completely close to the legs of the cut is to highlight the sexy legs of the weapon, looks slim, which has a mosaic of solid velvet, the real wear and look good.

Silky delicate love, wonderful silk for season

From the lotus leaf to the stripes and then to the embroidery, this season so that we are amazing about the fashion elements are too much in the wholesale clothes. Popular elements are naturally very eye-catching, but the clothes themselves, texture, style, practical, this should be the focus of our attention. In fact, when we are in the pursuit of this popular, may wish to choose from the perspective of the fabric for their own clothing, chances are you can find yourself another love.

01 If you want to ask: Which kind of fabric is the most suitable match to spring? It must be the most right to speak of silk. Smooth feel so that silk completely worthy of “fiber queen” this reputation, it is because the silk of this supreme position, so silk clothing compared to other clothing prices are more expensive, but this expensive elegant taste can be worn in their own body, so it is not loss.

02 Shirt for girls, must be considered how to buy do not feel extravagant single product, art, printing, silk, embroidery, each of the same is still not enough fun, no way, the shirt is so chic. Blooming flowers occupy the whole body, spray up the vitality of the people feel the enthusiasm of the spring, the spring , it should be gorgeously blooming.

03 No matter what kind of occasions, having a slim black dress can be chic enough, but in the selection of black dress, or to compare and then decide which black dress is much more suitable for their own. Silk’s little black dress because of its soft feeling, so wear it is also chic and elegant, no matter what jacket with accessories, do not affect the beautiful, is definitely one of the few bright spots in the black skirt.

04 Skirt is not a summer’s patent, even sleeveless dress, on the autumn can also wear it to be chic. Plus a denim jacket or a baseball coat, you can be chic as much as possible. Elegant skirt is not easy to be ignored, matching with a similar color of the belt, both elongated leg lines, but also show the woman’s graceful temperament.

05 A texture of the shirt, both can wear casually or wear every day, you can also wear during the working time. General wear shirts tend to require more, then if you can choose a silk shirt, you can save a lot of trouble with the matching. Gorgeous fabric looks handsome and graceful, no matter what you are going to match, you will be outstanding.

Let the sweater lights up in winter

Open the closet in the morning, suddenly found that inside the closet you have a lot of coat and down jacket, whether it is the basic color, or bright, or with the pattern is not missing, but why cannot find out a suitable sweater to match these nice wholesale women clothes. Intimate author here has carefully selected for you a variety of styles sweater, let’s take a look at it.

01 It’s the fashionable woman’s intellectual elegance, it’s the exquisite woman’s high quality, or professional strong woman’s calm and skillful feeling, which is not important, it is important to fully meet the three gray demand, in addition, there are simple slim version type to show graceful figure.

02 It’s the cold winter makes you like the warm camel, or bleak and lonely let you miss the charm of the retro style, or just like it by yourself. Fashionable v-collar exposed slightly raised clavicle curve, coupled with a necklace, both to be sexy and delicate.

03 Gray has intellectual elegance, camel color is warm and retro, do not want to miss them both, what a good tangled, you know the beauty of you will have this dilemma, so the two contrast color of the sweater has been ready for you, with a solid color coat or down jacket, out of the street you can be so pretty.

04 If the camel color is a touch of warm sunshine in the winter, then orange is a round of the sun. Artistic jacquard pattern is the mystery of personality geometry, or a piece of falling maple leaf, perhaps the inspiration for the pattern has long been forgotten, but the pattern of fashion and national style of the wind was forever remember.

05 Crazy bright color is warm to declare the good life to the world, low-key connotation of the warmth is to prove to their efforts to make life better. Different colors of yarn intertwined, weaving the love of life, weaving every day of pleasure, weaving all the wonderful stage.

Everybody wants to be beautiful with suitable dress

Refreshing color to arouse the good memories of the seaside holiday, delicate lace and woman’s delicate soft silk into the clothing wholesale, fresh floral full of romantic tenderness, even from the reinforced concrete slit in the wind blowing as if from the blue beach like fairy.

01 Silk excellent dyeing performance will be the designer’s mind that piece of blue perfect expression, dazzling blue eye-catching and will not feel too dazzling, hot and warm hit color lively and generous, sloppy waist design with fold to create a significant effect, have the most fascinating style.

02 High waist long dress with a long dress similar to the skirt, but in fact the skirt’ length is just around the knee, this style refuses to be exaggerated contrived, both dress and solemn elegance and short skirt have tall design, and do not want to try the ankle skirt, it is the gospel for those girls.

03 Growing up to the elf or little fairy, is troubled by every little girl’s multiple choice questions. Although now grown up adults, but that beautiful dream has not faded out of our minds. Light and elegant to the extreme pure white chiffon skirt, there is a dream come true beautifully.

04 Lace, bead, lotus leaf, bow, pink, the combination of these elements make you look like a girl as pure and lovely, and long dress is gentle and quiet, and a lady’s dignified and delicate feeling comes out. Sweet but not greasy is the highest state of sweet.

05 Art is a feeling in the mind, it is fresh and simple, with the nature of indifferent, is thick book precipitation out of the elegant temperament, is innocent and unrestrained. Blue and white porcelain-like pattern and loose lazy long skirt of the day for the combination of literary and artistic young woman’s unique temperament show most vividly.




Youth forever with school style clothing

For many people, the shuttle in the campus of those years, did not have enough opportunity to enjoy the pretty wholesale Korean fashion. Perhaps because of aesthetic lag, perhaps because of the cash-strapped, perhaps only because of the wide uniforms of the rule, in any case, holding the textbooks in the road, after all, is not a deep regret.

01 But fortunately even if the time is leaving, but also out of a warmth of the hand, for the regret of the people to retain. Those years missed the white teenager destined to only remnants of memories, but the prime of the favorite straight shirt, can still be in the campus outside the interpretation of another wonderful.

02 Pure color shirt with A-shape skirt, is the most common dress matching on campus. It is the girls who are the most pure and most supple of the age, a pair of hands will be classic interpretation of numerous versions. The same a solid color of the small collar shirt, tall girls can choose skirt around the knee.

03 Skirt is also divided into a variety of types, large bowls of the umbrella skirt gives a warm and lively impression, pleated skirt will have more quiet convergence, it is the innocent dress skirt. High waist stretched the proportion of body, even wearing flat shoes, but also in the visual to create a long legs gold ratio.

04 There are some girls in the memory, you seem to always be in the library and met her, occasionally from the early morning, perhaps in the artificial lake to hear her read foreign language gentle voice. They are always having black straight hair, plaid skirt, walking gently.

05 Every autumn season, another weapon overnight occupies the campus. Horns buckle coat does not pick the body and does not pick temperament, soft girls and sharp women can control the style, so popular in the campus, as if in the cold season, the wind blowing in the beautiful night.


Leisurely clothing has self-confidence without burden

The highest level of leisure is nothing more than empty the mind, the words are easier to say but how easy it is done, the experience of the people have the most say, in fact, casual leisurely and fashion has no essential conflict, as long as the election is still amazing with self-confidence in wholesale women clothes.

01 Don not dare to say that this is a wide leg pants in the big times, but at least by the taste of leisure pet, pants also have skirt line, making leisure and less dynamic to many neutral tough, the embodiment of soft nor lack of physical and mental safety and convenience , just different from the plain, wave point splicing two pieces responsible for eye-catching eye-catching.

02 Cotton leisure in the summer is always considerate and comfortable choice, but the fashion picky personality determines the models and colors are not allowed too general, do it yourself is creative like the outline of the gray, so that the gray light is not low-key introverted, leisure The attitude of the natural superior romantic bright.

03 Ladies also want to play casual style, this word between the lines of a little bit of helplessness, wandering in the random and wanton, in any case can not lose the elegant card, pink tone from the depths of the soul of the sweet, Arranged, it is different from the general quality of quality highlights.

04 Fashion lace where there is a sexy, that casual pants splicing lace is following, it is the dynamic and sexy fashion fusion, or dynamic health of the most eye-catching sexy connotation, the key or rose red born little woman tempting, It seems that the temptation is in any case can not escape the fashion.

05 Suits are the most insurance fashion without dead spots, white fashion black pants fashion is simple, but not easy to wear is also not allowed to lose this graceful streamline, it is because of this fashion concept, which makes A-shape swing wide leg shorts and wide shoulders short T-shirt slim shape particularly eye-catching, the color switch to the golden ratio model, comfortable not leakage body shape.

How to choose a dress suitable for formal occasions

I am always to find a suitable wholesale fashion dress for the formal occasions .Are you the same as me?Though leisure sport style very fashion ,But whatever joint wending or work must need a dress suitable for yourself .Especially in the current wedding season, a frequent feast occasion ,do you already prepare well what to dress ?Now let us teach you how to dress base on your body .

01 For the slim and flat figure ,the thin straps dress must suitable ,it can exposed your clavicle and shoulder ,very sexy ,you try best to select some twinkle fabric ,so when you wear ,it shows bright feeling ,takes you more charming .If the dress decorate with tassel ,that will be better .Let you seem more feminine .The slim figure people advise you can wear some sexy dress .

02 Regarding the slim ,this reminds me of another some people who have small chest ,this  group of people always no confidence .Please no worry, if you select the correct dress will let you get back your confidence .this time i can re-comment some thin straps dress which with lotus leaf decorate on the chest part .so that can hide chest ,it will not see small ,further more ,can take you more sweetly .

03 Quite the contrary ,How to wear if in plump figure ? Normal the chest fullness girls ,the arm aways will fat ,so in order to hide this shortcoming ,the deep V-Collar long sleeve dress very suitable for you ,it can hide your arm fat ,meanwhile can exposed your sexy chest .This methods call:shoot two hawks with one arrow .Do you think so ?

04 OK,the last one,some people who have bigger hip ,like a pear shape ,this call pear shape figure .this people very difficult to buy clothes .But for many wholesales clothes shop ,will have A-shape dress ,you can select those to buy ,the pure and deep color will more fit you ,some dress neck decorate some diamond ,you can select that ,also eliminates the overhead of jewelry.

05 So I am write such many figure as a example ,hope you can learn more ,find suitable for yourself dress to wear in any occasions .Every person was special in the world ,whatever you slim or fat ,just make yourself confidence ,that you will be a best you !

Vest skirt makes you have good mood

What can you do in the summer? Fresh and cool wholesale women clothes to wear must be irresistible one. Cool and comfortable vest skirt is summer election, different styles have the same neat and small sexy.

01 Has a Bohemian style silk dress elegant temperament is needless to say, even more preferred is its real comfortable wear index. Whether it is as a daily wear to deal with work, shopping and other occasions, or as a travel dress, the dress is able to let you stand out from the crowd.

02 Summer is the season should wear sexy clothing, in addition to sexy split design there are many rich dew skin way, such as hollow strapless, the word collar strapless, V collar halter and hollow dew cut. Blue-tone-based printing fresh and elegant, exudes girls vitality and playful feeling.

03 Rainbow general gorgeous rich color stripes have a strong visual impact, contrast from the confidence, simple but three-dimensional profile increasingly slim. High waist three-dimensional skirts on the waist fat are modified effect, legs line was also set off symmetry slender.

04 Yellow and blue contrast color matches the use of color collision to enhance the level of one-piece skirt and sense of presence. Cut to meet the road to Jane minimalist do send, there is no optional decorative tailoring. Three-dimensional skirt profile full of sense, adding big momentum.

05 Stripes classic and black and white color and blue and white color is the most outstanding. A blue and white stripe is the best representative of the spirit of the sea soul, a symbol of vitality and energy. While the black and white stripes are mature and elegant factions, good at the performance of light and strong women’s strong and independent.

Youth will never finish

Another year of graduation season, the pain of the campus in the surrounding spread around the free, for young students, leaving the campus is a new starting point for college students, leaving the campus may be the end of the student era. The graduation season every year, but being young only once, if not crazy for this with pretty wholesale clothes, it is not the greatest regret in life?

01 School uniforms wearing a shirt inside, deliberately reveals the innocent doll collar to attract everyone to see what kind of rare things to see their shirt, which is perhaps the most naive effort of the bar. White lattice is simple and beautiful, can be accompanied by a lantern sleeve of the exaggerated style, immediately let the white shirt becomes no longer simple, and perhaps the youth also need this little bit different.

02 Once did not feel good young, even grown up, and still can slowly make up back. Wearing striped little sweater in the adult world can be chic enough. Do not have to care about the eyes of others, with sex in the chest to make a knot, bold with the personality of the clothes to their own name.

03 Do not look at the girls now know how to pursue fashion, think about it when you were not leaving the campus, we are walking in the naive route. T shirt on a small flower printing will lead everyone’s pointing, relying on this to win a little attention, but also to meet their own vanity at that time.

04 White shirt is the school uniform in the highest value of the inside, students know no matter how ordinary girls, as long as wearing the white shirt, the image of temperament are rub up to several levels, in particular, more than a bow, more in line with the white shirt of the intellectual temperament.

05 A white t-shirt, a pair of pants, a cap, on the young dress seems to always carry the most honest mark. Although your age is long, but facing memories always has the simplest feelings to chase fashion. And so old can only silently miss, it is better to re-take the road of youth now, chances are met a new self.