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Lovely printing on clothes

Butterflies fly over the city, the skyscrapers of the brick and white tiles become colorful, like the dreams that children often do. With this printing to embellishment straight skirt, and will not make people feel naive, but can achieve the effect of fresh and younger age, not to mention the cute collar to join it. Come on, choose your suitable wholesale dresses.

01 This is the butterfly world, more like red and green alternative collision, to avoid the most pure color background, light burgundy and military green in the blank and fill between the various changes. Simple round neck with a more convenient, waist A-shape with single wear can also get a good return rate.

02 Magic little black skirt has a lot of benefits, so every season we can not help but to open a few pieces. European organza of the texture, is the darling of spring and summer, the new listing of natural to see more eyes. There is a butterfly printing to join, a little black dress will not be too lonely, anyway, spring is gorgeously blooming.

03 But then again, do not wait until the spring to come to regret, taking advantage of the winter still continue to come back to a woolen dress it. The most classic pleated figure, the most weary gray and black collision, knee length is not the same with the visual, just open the visual imagination.

04 Advocating simple nature is a kind of smart and open-minded attitude, not affected by those who have disturbed the impact of the fashion index is not kidnapped, do not deliberately limelight, wait and see, get rid of aesthetic fatigue, starting from this step, slowly will find your own style.

05 More and more creative, everyone has their own characteristics and preferences, to create a simple and stylish feeling, the flexibility to enrich their image is not difficult, and then how to change, who did not more than three colors, away from the fancy, while color is fresh and full of cute feeling.

Fashion goddess in the clothing

Suits can make wholesale fashion dress be much more convenient, with a good dress combination can simply let clothing be beautiful. Pink and white light with the department, bringing fresh and natural temperament, a blossoming three-dimensional flowers dotted in the skirt, and simple cardigan shirt echoed just right.

01 Suits only to better convey a kind of temperament, coat and skirt match with each other, from the color to the selection and then to the details of the decoration, only to highlight the same theme. Sweet feeling is the theme of the clothes, pretty rose red and cute embroidery patch, the achievements of sweet and pleasant little girl.

02 Simple and elegant wide leg pants, can stretch the hip stretch thin leg lines, classic short section of the wool jacket, clean and neat feeling shows unique beauty, fantastic pink to this handsome clothes add some tenderness, put it on the temperament immediately comes out, then you immediately become a fair lady.

03 Who says that pants can not reflect the style of women, the key is whether you choose the right one. Classic British plaid is full of retro taste, fit the body of the tailoring, high waist wide leg design, with a pair of shoes form china, trousers can be elegant and stylish.

04 Mentioning about elegance how can you be missed in the long section of fishtail skirt? Light lotus layer is chic. This little fishtail dress has not touched your heart, thin but warm suede, with a unique texture to conquer more and more women, elegant feeling of it make you have a small fish tail label.

05 If you want to magnify the grace, try to lengthen the length of the fishtail skirt, so that the lower body lines are smooth, slender waist, prominent hip curve, gradually narrow skirt, so smooth line foot can be called works of art.

How to be closer with fashion?

How to be closer with fashion? The most direct approach is to wear wholesale clothes that make people have the feeling of spring, swept away the winter haze, blowing from the fresh, lively and positive energy.

01 To abandon the traditional blue denim, bright denim jacket and the trend of chic element even more closely connected, and then cleverly into the contrast color and tie elements, like the existing pattern into a stock of fresh blood, not to talk about the old topic.

02 Perhaps you are still chilly and choking and complain about the changing cold weather, plus velvet thick sweater can get rid of the bloated and bulky image, but also against the cold morning and evening, free to turn around, there are surprises, seemingly dull, but actually extraordinary, subtle indirectly produced by the beauty, you can taste for a long time.

03 Do not mistakenly think that the eye-catching rose red can only lock you in the tender and gentle frame inside, combined with the streets of the full version of the type of look, handsome and cool rivets, easy simple rope, is both warm and publicity, but also reflects the pursuit of freedom of mind.

04 Sweater cardigan is the original synonymous with comfort, through the gradient of the interpretation of the more meticulous gentle, first glance, hazy, look down, just feel the flashing light is so bright, beautiful as a rainbow, high-profile to show the beauty of the world.

05 Small short jacket cannot wait to appear, no constraints, as far as possible and free and easy close to the smile is from the heart rather than artificial, since it has not yet come to the flowers of the moment, why not use the printing leaves as the lively colorful decoration.

Beautiful balance: printing needs to be accompanied by pure color

The season is infinite good, but very short, in the winter and summer gap, accidentally slip away. Spring sky, half sunny, half rainy day, sun awakened life, spring rain moisten the earth, like half of pure color, half of the printing wholesale fashion dress, the achievements of 1 + 1> 2, having their unique styles.

01 The lower half skirt is the oil painting full version of the printing of the laying of the light to see the color can feel full of vitality, the upper half of all the modified black knitted wrapped body curve, distinctive style people like a glance.

02 Complex abstract art prints to the upper half of the shirt to become a visual focus of the shirt, one of the popular wearing a dress to end the waist, leaving the ribbon falling in the skirt highlights the height, pure color A-shape skirt to make a stylish feeling.

03 Retro totem national customs printing to half skirt is very detailed aspect, fine lines wrapped around the skirt outline attractive curves highlight light taste, and simple sweater is the best autumn dress.

04 Romantic organ pleats printing deductive retro love, smiling face hidden in a variety of abstract lines and three-dimensional fold between the mystery as to attract the visual. There are a lot of ways to show sexy shoulder, large v-neck collar exposed way beautiful aesthetic highlights elegant feeling, chic design sense of a black shirt can make the whole body grade upgrade.

05 Vibrant scene can also appear on the dress on the clues, pastoral floral quietly blooming on the skirt, with the handsome jacket so that the variety style free to control.

Eight elements indispensable in clothing to be chic

In such a beautiful season, since go out to play, must take a lot of photos, and then pick a few beautiful photos sent to a circle of friends to show your lovely life, then how can we make photos be much more beautiful? The answer is very simple, wholesale fashion dress is very important, eight elements are necessary.

Element one: hit color

There are people in the picture, the scenery is beautiful, people should be more beautiful, how in the natural beauty of a glance you can see you have to solve the problem. Large area of yellow and blue hit color splicing, bringing super visual impact, eye suction effect is absolutely hundred percent, finding you is so easy!

Element two: stripes

Striped by the fashion of people’s attention and sought after, the stripes put on the body, you will become the focus of attention. Elegant and thin striped loose shirt, giving a simple and free from the restraint of freedom, and the surrounding natural beauty to convey the same idea, higher harmony.

Element three: tassel

Although the daily is very short, but in the photo to experience a feeling when the goddess is not bad. A long white dress is romantic and elegant, swaying tassel decoration, so quietly standing you have a seemingly immobile, but also has the smart magic beauty.

Element four: hollow

Hollow is an art, need to grasp a degree. Slightly hollow, in the walk, in the bow, in the turn, inadvertently reveal a touch of white skin, showing a bit of feminine, even with casual white jeans, but also can not block the hollow want to pass beautiful feeling.

Element five: printing

Printing flower of the trend to bring you the beauty of spring. Brilliant color of the printing, so that the whole person in a moment filled with the vitality of the spring atmosphere, high waist skirt, not only being beautiful, but also adjust the proportion of the body, to create models of long legs.

Element six: lace

How can romance not be accompanied by romantic lace? Complicated traces cleverly outline the shape of flowers, embellished in the elegant printed jacket, the romantic side of the romantic display of the most vividly, far from looking, you are like a beautiful flower fairy.

Element seven: dots

Green polka dots decorated in the navy blue short baseball shirt, to the original dull and boring clothes to bring a sense of fashion and vitality, and then with a green half skirt, definitely for the outing specially prepared, how can the photo be not beautiful?

Element eight: embroidery

The most traditional Chinese embroidery will make you shine when taking pictures. White shirt is like a clean canvas, embroidery is a carefully painted pattern. Selected colors, although not brilliant, but it shows the Chinese painting elegant, delicate and unique.

Make Memories with Meaningful Couple Shirts

Every relationship needs a spice of fun and excitement.  Couple shirts are a great way to share the bond and make the memories more meaningful.  You may choose to wear couple shirts on a special outing or vacation or may want to wear them to celebrate a special day or a milestone in your relationship.  Look at some of the cool couple wholesale clothes and shirts ideas below:

BF Style Loose Long Sleeve Couple Sweaters

This comes in two pieces and is available in long sleeves. Plus, it also comes in a V-neckline if that is more comfortable for you and your partner. They look good and the best thing is that you can style then whichever way you want. You might want to go with ripped jeans or a skirt. These pullover sweaters can be worn in any type of weather, and it is a very aesthetic street wear as well. They are best for a casual day out, on campus, or a walk around the countryside.

Cartoon Stripe Fork Couple Shirt

You may style your couple shirts and dresses in a different way than your spouse.  The key is to keep some elements the same.  These shirts are an extremely comfortable wholesale dress, and the material is also breathable and light.  The color choice is the same and who doesn’t remember Popeye the sailor man and his love for Olive. You and your partner may go down the memory lane and celebrate your childhood cartoon interest with these shirts. Or, you too may share your interest in animals or a common cause and celebrate it with shirts like these

Sweetly Button Ethods Couple Suit

These shirts are perfect, simple yet elegant.  For teen couples out on a field tour or on campus, each wholesale dress carries its own style yet is unmistakably a couple dress.  There is no right or wrong way to wear it and mix and match with other colors and styles.  You may wear the shirt with jeans instead of skirts and shorts.  This suit is great for picnics or on a cruise with your partner.

You may go for wholesale clothing for getting some of the best couple shirts.  There are many varieties in couple shirts and dresses.  Some have complementing colors while others are contrasted with matching or meaningful slogans.  They are great for gifts and are surely a fun gift to give on anniversaries.

The vast sea of people, at first glance to see you

Weekend to go out for shopping, the streets are always crowded, to the place with friends agreed around, looked around, my heart silently goes crazy, how to find out my friends? Why finding someone is so hard! In fact, looking for people is not difficult, but because she is not obvious so cannot find her out. If you want everyone in the crowd at first glance to find you, clothing wholesale is very important.

01 Faded girl’s innocent and ignorant feeling, slightly pink, more in line with the urban women on the new definition of fashion, which is romantic and elegant, soft lotus leaf sleeves are always the chic design, the word is a mature little sexy, for the weekend dating wear, to ensure that your boyfriend’s eyes tightly look at you all the time.

02 In the hot summer, it is the girl to show graceful figure in such a best time. Shallow purple is the most beautiful suits of lavender in Provence, Slim dress version is S-shaped body of the excellent partner, lower body skirt has a feeling of a fishtail skirt, creating a temperament of woman’s popular single product.

03 When the distance between the two people is far, the first to see is the color, so the color of the clothes must be right. Bright lemon yellow, gorgeous and colorful, visual effect of a stick, and always filled with youth girl’s dynamic and vitality, with vest shorts or dress, will be so wonderful.

04 Warm sunshine orange color, with its own unique way to tell us that the summer is coming. Double-layer chiffon stitching, full of personality, highlighting the three-dimensional and layered, walking could be more elegant, free and easy; for friend’s shopping, lovers dating or girlfriend’s afternoon, anytime, anywhere. Also, wholesale shoes china will add temperament points.

05 Who can think of has always been high-profile publicity the contrast color also has such a low-key aspect? The depth of the blue and white collision, natural fresh, with wide leg pants and flat canvas shoes, leisurely and comfortable fashion sense, shopping is absolutely beautiful and not tired.

Simple woman’s summer only needs necessary single product

There is a woman, living in a simple life, doing simple work, everything is simple, even the most concerned about the dress of wholesale women clothes, but also a simple main. In fact, simple is not necessarily a beauty, the key is whether it will use a simple category piercing the beautiful style.

01 In the fashion city bustling streets, colorful, feasting, the heart has been in a state of restlessness, eager to find a pure land, eager to return to the mind of the original, it seems out of reach. However, a simple clean white T-shirt can appease the restless heart, but with a random jeans, you can show simple and relaxed leisure.

02 No letters printed, no fun patterns, spotless pure, simple and beautiful. Small v-neck collar, revealing butterfly-like clavicle curve, a trace of micro sexy, being much more charming, with high waist black pencil pants, the T-shirt into the waist, there are magical effects.

03 Have to say that the stripe is really a weird element for the innovative girl. Vertical and horizontal stripes stitching, bottom of the European organza fabric splicing, Chinese-style round small collar, chest crushing folds, loose micro A-shape of the type, each place can give us a small surprise.

04 A touch of light green light drift, the air is full of fresh and tranquil taste, and the girl in romantic sweet temperament is the most consistent, with a white chiffon shirt, even more pure sense of fashion, weekend dating with boyfriend , will definitely make him happy.

05 Natural beauty of the perfect body is very few, through the dress to win the perfect body is a necessary method. High waist denim pencil pants, so that the legs curve is more charming, have the long legs is no longer a dream. Special washing process, a touch of denim blue, and this summer is cute.

Simple but elegant pure color dress

Pure color wholesale fashion dress is always be the same classic clothing in the closet, simple and neat style by these woman’s favorite, just as the work of their competent and intelligent as impressive. This kind of skirt, piercing simple style is the focus, a little carefully selected accessories and exquisite makeup, you can make enough outstanding.

01 Mercerized cotton fabric is the one of the most comfortable material in the summer, neckline and chest design are very chic, it is a generous section. Slender design in the waist so that the whole body immediately becomes a sexy funnel shape. But woman who pays attention to the clothing should know the thing that in the environment easy to sweat, carefully choose this skirt, very obvious perspiration will make you very embarrassed.

02 Black in the workplace can never be a wrong color choice, but everything has two sides, dignified at the same time will give people feel depressed. So the choice of black skirt you can be a little attention in the style, the off collar to show the clavicle is sexy, chest folds add designed sense, looks lively. Belt is definitely the most eye-catching accessories, highlights a strong sense of modern.

03 Dark blue dress is basically synonymous with elegant woman. Sleeveless models outside take a small cardigan, successfully resist the office air conditioning in the low temperature, wearing a single dress to the party or dinner will be very good, need to emphasize is the selection of accessories, according to the occasion to determine what kind of jewelry is the most suitable for it.

04 Dark green is a special tone, which is picky about the skin’s color, women without quite snow-white skin color please do not take risks to have a try. Small v-neck collar will appear relatively conservative, and it is suitable for older age of workplace ‘s women.

05 White skirt is afraid of the monotonous feeling, so the skirt style itself must have a bright spot for the design. Collar has strong sense of fashion, highlights the strong chic style, is a smart way to choose it.


Break the limitation, fall in love with yourself in suitable clothing

Who are you? Whether you have a lot of labels on you, what is your favorite, which is indispensable, which is unnecessary, and are you limited by the constraints of freedom? Try everything, so can have the opportunity to fall in love with their own. Wholesale women clothing has so many opportunities.

01 Often hear people complain about that, “I am too fat” “I am not beautiful” “I have no money” “life is too hard”, as if everyone has a variety of unhappy things. Everything as usual after your complain, waiting for them to have only repeated complaints.

02 If you ask them, “Why do not lose your weight,” “Why do not dress up,” “Why do not try to make life better,” they tend to tell you a lot of reasons and difficulties, and even their body to create a variety of labels involuntarily.

03 In fact, no one’s life is happy every day, except the complain with each other I prefer the following two kinds of people. The first kind of people they always be optimistic, never complain only survive their own life. The second kind of people dare to break the restrictions, to solve their own complaints point. These two people are more likely just right to meet their own good aspect.

04 Most of us in this era are kidnapped by mainstream ideas, “being thin for the beauty,” “Well, let’s all lose weight.” “Women in thirty years old must get married,” and you, are you happy in this trend?

05 Dear, in fact, you are nothing wrong, you are really good. Everyone can meet the best of themselves in nice suitable clothing for their own, not the social set, not the eyes of others, but the best look in your mind, less complain, try to find and embrace such a self, life will be happy.